The Negro Leagues Timeline

  • Period: to

    Baseball Season

  • First all-black baseball team founded

    The first all-black professional team,the Cuban Giants, is founded in Babylon, New York.
  • National Colored Baseball League

    The National Colored Baseball League is attempted as tehe first professional Negro League.
  • Ban on African-American

    The International League inplements a ban on African-American players on the league.
  • Rube Foster

    Andrew "Rube" Foster owner of the Chicago American Giants, Chicago Giants, Dayton Marcos, Detroit Stars, Indianapolis ABC`s, Kansas City Monarchs, and Cuban Stars forms the Negro National League.
  • League Starts

    The league begins its 1920 season on May 2nd.
  • Ed Bolden

    Organized teh Eastern Color League.
  • Negro World Series

    First AMerican Negro World Series is played between the Kansas City Monarchs and the Hilldale Club. Kansas city wins the series chanpionship 5-4.
  • DIsband Midseason.

    The Eastern Color League disbands midseason.
  • Great Depression

    The stock market crashed. Great Depression places financial pressure on america, includeing The Nation Negro League.
  • Rube Foster dead.

    Nation Negro League founder died during extensive hospital care.
  • Color Barrier broken

    Jackie Robinson is signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946. The prevous color barrier has been broken.