The Nation Breaking Apart Timeline

  • Wilmont Proviso

    This bill aimed to outlaw slavery in territories taken from Mexico.The bill passed in the House Of Representatives but was defeated in the Senate thus causing a division in Congress.Although,not a succes it led to the formation of the Free Soil Party
  • Compromise of 1850

    This compromise was to help balance slavery but also keep everyone happy in the north and south.It became a law and was known as the "Compromise Of 1850"
  • Election Of 1850

    This election was very important.It was between two sides of the U.S.A. North and the South.Abraham was on the norths side and won the race of presidency.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    The Act was about dividing one state into two states.The states were both slave states.People in the south loved the idea,but others were angered
  • Bleeding Kansas

    It was called "Bleeding Kansas"for a reason.In May, a proslavery man attacked the town of lawrence,Kansas.They destroyed the house of the govenor of the anti slavery goverement
  • Caning Of Sumner

    Sumner made fun of A.P Butler a senator from south carolina.Sumner was hit with a cane 30 times or more,breaking the cane in the assault.
  • Dred scott vs Sanford

    Scot was suing the U.S courts but couldnt because scott is not a cititzen he is a slave.Scott sued for his freedom but didnt earn it.
  • Attacks on Harpers Ferry

    John Brown hated slavery, He took Harpers Ferry arsenal and asked slaves to join an attack against the pro slvery people. Non showed,Brown was captured and hunged.