The Maze Runner

  • Thomas Enters the Maze

    Thomas wakes up with no memories except his name
    He meets the "Gladers"
  • A Girl Appears

    She has a message : "She will be the last one coming ever"
    On her arm is written WICKED is good
  • Thomas wants a job as a runner and his first time in the maze he gets attacked

    Ben attacks Thomas so Thomas kills him
    When they go to bury Ben, they realize he is still alive and he gets banished
  • Thomas gets caught in the maze at night with Mino and Alby.

    Thomas dodges the grievers, but Alby is not so lucky.
    Alby begins going through the changing
  • Thomas gets punished for staying in the Maze overnight

    They also decide to train him as a runner
    He is nominated for Keeper of the Runners
  • Alby begins to tell Thomas what he saw during the changing

    Alby tells Thomas he knows the girl
    Alby begins to choke himself
  • Theresa beings to talk to Thomas in his head

    Thomas is terrified
    He runs into the maze
  • Thomas and Chuck begin to discuss their lives before the maze

    Thomas begins to get angry
    He promises Chuck he will get him out
  • Alby realizes he can't say anything about what he knows (from the changing)

    He strangles himself if he tries
    Tells Thomas he remembers the past and it was awful
  • Thomas enters the maze

    Tom hears a voice tell him "Tom, I just triggered the ending".