The March On Washington Timeline

By lsr1601
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    This document was made to free slaves fo\rom non-union states.
  • Employment Practices Committee

    An assamble of 100000 African American convice President Franklin D. Roosevelt an executive order banning discriminations in industries.
  • Marches were Demanded

    All throughout the 1960's and 50's marchs and demonsrations were demanded.
  • The planning of the march on wahsington.

    Randolph revived his ideas, African American were unemployed and under paid, thats why him and Rustin began to planning the March of Washington.
  • The March On Washington

    25,0000 civil rights supporters gathered before the lincoln memorial, and 20% of whom were white, but all wanted the same thing.
  • Civil Rights Act

    This civil rights act banned racial discrimination from public places.
  • Assassination of MLKJ

    Martin Luther King Jr. was standing on the balcony of his home and he was shot and killed by a sniper's bullet. Some people look at this date as one of the wort days in our history.