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The Longest Yard

  • Drunk driving.

    In this scene we learned what he will be "dogged" about throughout the movie. A former NFL quarterback, Paul Crew, "threw" a football game. In this scene, he has stolen his girlfriends car and is driving through the city drunk.
  • Arrest

    Paul Crew, is eventually arrested after a chase all over the city with the San Diego police force.
  • Paul Crew

    The beginning of the movie, we meet Paul Crew "Adam Sandler". He is a former NFL quarterback that is suspected of throwing a game. He now spends most of his time at his girlfriends house drunk.
  • Prison

    After being arrested on multiple charges that include theft, drunk driving, etc,. Paul Crew, is sent to the Allensville Penitentiary in Texas.
  • Captain Knauer

    Captain Knauer, along with the Warden, is the main protagonist in the movie. He beats Paul several times throughout the movie.
  • Forming the team

    After some "persuasion" from the warden, and the guards, Paul makes a team to play a tune-up game with the guards.
  • Caretaker

    Paul meets Caretaker "Chris Rock" on his first day there. He becomes Paul's bestfriend and helps him throughout the movie.
  • First day

    On his first day there, he gets into a fight. He hits a guy in the head with a tray and a riot starts. The guards come in and throw a "hornets nest".
  • Hot Box

    After the riot, and catching the stick the guard was about to hit him with, Paul has to stay a week in the hot box. The hot box is a wood box outside, where the prisoners are given no food or water, and is designed as punishment. The guy in the other hot box died before he was taken out.
  • Tryouts

    Crew and Caretake hold tryouts for the team. The ones that show up to the tryouts look pathetic. Except for swatowski who was seen lifting a bench with around ten people on it 50 times.
  • Nate Scarborough

    Nate Scarborough "Burt Reynolds" is a former Heisman trophy winner from Oklahoma. He offers to coach the inmates team.
  • Recruiting

    Crew, Caretaker, and Reynolds try many times to recruit players for the team. They have little success until they play basketball with the black prisoners. The initially get Megget "Nelly". Then the rest come later.
  • "He broked my nose!"

    The next practice after recruiting Turley, Swatowski was rushing Crew from the outside. Turley kicked him in the face and broke his nose. Crew had to reset it. Swatowski was happy that Crew got Turley to appologize to him afterward.
  • Library

    The guards show their racism against Megget in the library. This problem is resolved later in the movie.
  • New players

    After the library, the rest of the guys playing basketball joined the team to beat the guards,
  • "Rain"

    In an attempt to prevent the "cons" practice, the warden floods their field.
  • Caretaker dies

    Caretaker is going to set a picture of his mom in Crew's room. He goes to change the radio and it is rigged to explode. He changed the channel and the cell door slams shut. He burns to death with several of his friends watching, unable to help him.
  • "Mean Machine"

    Caretaker has arranged for jerseys to be sent to the players before the game.
  • "McNuggets"

    After back-to-back questionable calls, Crew came up with a plan to make it a fair game. He hit the ref (twice) in what Deacon Moss called the "McNuggets", and got the ref's to call a clean game from that point on.
  • End

    The cons win the game.