The Long Walk

By rbarry
  • The Start of The Walk

    At 8:00 A.M the Major starts handing out the bibs for each walker. Garraty meets Baker, Mcvries, and Olsen. The Walk starts at 9:00 A.M. " I give my congratulations to the winner among your number, and my acknowledgements of valor to the loosers" (King 17).
  • 1st Ticket is Bought

    1st Ticket is Bought
    Curley is the first person to buy his ticket from having a charlie horse in his leg
  • Stebbins

    Garraty gains interest in stebbins the loner and eventually becomes the only one who he talks to
  • The Three Muskateers

    The Three Muskateers
    The boys Baker, Garraty. and McVries for a pact and they call themselves the three muskateers which eventually leads to trouble
  • Barkovitch is Labelled a Killer

    Barkovitch antagonizes Rank by commenting that "[his] mother sucks cock on 42nd street" (105) and that he will "dance on [his] goddam grave" (105). Rank buys his ticket by retalliating on Barkovitch.
  • Percy Runs off

    Percy Runs off
    Percy decides that he would run off into the woods and the soldiers end up shooting him dead.
  • Garrity Kissses a Girl

    Garrity Kissses a Girl
    Garrity ends up kissing a girl in the crown and it sprouts deepful thoughts about his girlfriend Jan.
  • Scramm Gets Sick

    Scramm begins to come down with a cold and eventually he is "diagnosed" with pnemonia and later buys his ticket
  • Total of 47 Kids dead

    Total of 47 Kids dead
    As Garrity is going through all the kids who have died, the number tallies up at 47.
  • Barkovitch Reveals His Feelings

    Barkovitch Reveals His Feelings
    As Garrity and the gang decides to come up with a p;lan for the winner to take care of his wife, Barkovitch admits that he "always seem to get off on the wrong foot" (271).
  • Garrity gets 3 warnings

    Garrity gets 3 warnings
    Garrity gets a charlie horse and cannot get up. Finally after 3 warning he is 2 seconds away from buying his ticket. He ends up not dying and walking offf the warnings
  • Scramm and Joe Buy it

    Scramm and Joe Buy it
    Scramm and joe sit down and hold hands and buy their ticket from failure to walk on.
  • Olson

    Olson sets the example for what Stebbin advises will happen if you let The Walk get to you. He is delirious and scares Garrity by his appearence and his mental state. Garrity is ashamed.
  • Garraty sees Jan

    Garraty sees Jan
    After walk for 3 days he finally makes it to where he seess his mom and his girlfriend and it raises his morale for walking
  • The Winner

    The Winner
    Garrity and Stebbins are walkign at the end and Stebbins buys his ticket before Garrity. Garrity cannot even believe it and feels guilty and that stebbins should have won.