The Life of Theodore Roosevelt

  • Theodore Roosevelt is Born

    Born in New York City, the second of four children.
  • Denver, Colorado Founded (World)

    Teddy Roosevelt spent time out west and fell in love with the landscape. During his presidency he made National Park such as Crater Lake, Mesa Verde , and Wind Cave National Park's to name a few.
  • Confederate Attack on Fort Sumter (World)

    This effectively signified the begining of the Civil War. Teddy later in life supports military action in the Spanish American War and World War I.
  • John D. Rockefeller Incorporates Standard Oil (World)

    One of many buisness men that would shape America during Roosevelt's life. He would deal with these buisness men and the treatment of their employees.
  • Graduates from Harvard

    Teddy enrolled in law school shortly after, but would not finish.
  • Marries Alice Hathaway

    Married not long after graduation from Harvard, Alice would bear one child before dying two days later.
  • Wife and Mother Die

    Roosevelt's mother dies of Typhoid Fever and hours later his wife passed away of Bright's Disease. His journal entry for the day simply said , "The light has gone out of my life.
  • United Mine Workers of America is Founded (World)

    During his presidency Roosevelt mediated the Anthracite Coal Strike. He would help with the forming of many unions, effectively changing the American work place.
  • Spanish-American War Begins (World)

    Roosevelt gained a reputation for being fearless in battle with the Spanish in Cuba.
  • Resigns as Assistant Secretary of the Navy

    Roosevelt resigned from his position to become Lietenant Colonel of the First Voluntary Cavalry, also known as the rough riders, and fight in the Spanish American War.
  • Elected Govenor of New York

    Riding the popularity of his time with the rough riders he is elected to Govenor of New York.
  • Becomes Vice President when William McKinley is Elected President

    This happens after four years being the Govenor of New York.
  • Becomes President with the Assasination of William McKinley

    President McKinley was shot in the stomach on the way to the train station. Roosevelt was on vacation with family in the Adirondack Mountains in up state New York.
  • Cuba Leases Guantanamo Bay to the United States (World)

    The United States is indefinately leased Guantanimo Bay. The military facility is still in use today.
  • Signs Treaty with Panama to Begin Construction of the Panama Canal

    This made travel to the west coast much faster by bypassing the route that went around the southern tip of South America.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand is Assasinated (World)

    Teddy Roosevelt greatly support taking action in Europe.
  • Construction on the Panama Canal Completed (World)

    Completion of the canal would make travel from the east coast to the west coast much faster. Bringing raw goods from out west to be manufatured in the east.
  • Dies of a Coronary Embolism