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The Life Of Steve Jobs

  • Birth

    Steven Paul is born in San Francisco, CA, soon to be adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.
  • Birth Apple Computer Co.

    Birth Apple Computer Co.
    Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula decided invest 250.000 %USD to create Apple Computer Co, they created a model named Apple I, 200 units of Apple I were sold, but Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold some things to invest in Apple Computer Co.
  • Apple Computer Co present Apple II

    Apple Computer Co present Apple II
    This model was very different than Apple I, futhermore the Apple II was the first computer to have color, as well, the Apple II doesn't have fans so this computer doesn't produce noise.
  • The Worst Time Of Apple Computer Co.

    The Worst Time Of Apple Computer Co.
    Apple Computer Co did new computers named Apple III,Lisa and the Macintosh but this computers doesn't has the same sales than Apple II.
  • Steve Jobs Leave Apple Computer Co.

    The differences beetwen John Sculley (President of Apple) and Steve Jobs did Steve leave Apple.
  • Steve Jobs Bought George Lucas' ILM

    Steve before leave Apple bought George Lucas' ILM for $10 million and change the name for Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Steve Bougt NExT Computer.

    Before Steve leave Apple he bought NExT Computer because he wanted continue with the the computers.
  • Steve signed agreements to produce fims to Walt Disney

    Steve signed some agreements to produce films to Walt Disney
  • Pixar did his first film

    Pixar did his first film
    Pixar did his first film totally made by computer, this film was Toy Story, with this film Disney won one Oscar, this film was the the highest grossing in the history of Disney.
  • Apple bought NExt Computer.

    Apple bought NExT Computer for $400 million, with this Steve rejoined to Apple.
  • Disney bougth Pixar

    Before some differences Disney bought all pixar become Steve the most shareholder of Disney with 7% of the company.