The life of Neil Perry

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In Film
  • Neil begins senior year of High school at Welton Prep Boarding School

    Welton is Prep is a private school in which Neil, is one of the school's finest students. This year is also significant because Neil gets a new roommate. Neil's father is quick to inform his son that he does not want him participating in any extracurricular activities, which seems to bother Neil, a very outgoing guy.
  • Neil Perry meets professor Keating.

    Welton has a brand new english teacher, John Keating. It does not take Neil and his classmates very long to discover that professor Keating has a different approach and style to teaching. He encourages all students to explore and to find their inner-self.
  • Neil starts the Dead Poets Society club

    Neil discovers that professor Keating was once a member of the unsanctioned Dead Poets Society. Eager to learn more to what Keating really means by finding your inner-self, Neil restarts the club in hopes that he and his friends can study the likes of poetry, while also going outside their typical boundaries.
  • Neils explores acting

    Neil decides to ignore his father's demand to stay out of extracurricular activities by divulging into acting. He quickly sees that he has a passion for acting. He then gets the part of a school play.
  • Neil's father finds out about the play.

    On the eve of the play, Neil's dad learns about Neil's involvement in a school play. He forces Neil to drop out of the play. Neil is devastated by the fact that his father will not allow him to be himself.
  • Neil participates in the play

    After talking with Mr. Keating, Neil decides to still go out and perform, choosing to attempt and prove to his father that he is dedicated and passionate about acting. The play is fantastic, and neil is the star! however at the end of the play, Neil sees his father, looking in disgust.
  • Neil gets into it with his father

    After the play, Neil's father takes him home, where they have a lengthy and aggressive argument. Mad that Neil disobeyed him, he decides to remove him from Welton and enroll him in an new private school. This is the final straw for Neil, who eventually gives up with his father, and lets him win the argument.
  • Neil commits suicide

    Dealing with his father's strict and tough rules and expectations, Neil steals his father's gun and shoots himself in the head, as he comes to the realization that he cannot overcome his father.