The Life of John Muir

  • John Muir was Born

    John Muir was Born
    John Muir was born in Dunbar, Scotland. He had five sisters, and two brothers. As a boy he loved to play outdoors, climbing trees, or by playing by the seashore.
  • Off to America!

    Off to America!
    John's father was growing unhappy with the Presbyterian Church so he joined the Disciples of Christ. The Disciples had formed communities in North American where the farmland was good. On this day he told his family they were leaving for America!
  • Hickory Hill Farm

    Hickory Hill Farm
    Since John is the oldest son he has the hardest work on the farm. His father puts him behind the plow at twelve years old. John is a very hard worker, but when his father isn't around he is also the family clown. He loved to joke, laugh, and sing.
  • Animals, Nature, & Inventions

    Animals, Nature,  & Inventions
    Growing up, John learns he has a great love for animals and the outdoors. The kids in the Muir family don't go to school but John loves to read at night. He begins to make inventions.
  • Takes Inventions to Fair

    Takes Inventions to Fair
    At 22 years old, John leaves home to take his exhibit to the fair. The people love him and his inventions.
  • College

    John entered Univ. Of Wisconsin to study Science. He soon gave it up and took studying nature and plants more seriously.
  • A Thousand Mile Walk

    A Thousand Mile Walk
    John began his journey walking from Indianapolis to the Gulf of Mexico. He continuesd traveling for a year around the world and ended up in San Francisco in 1968.
  • Falls in love with the Sierra's and Yosemite

    Falls in love with the Sierra's and Yosemite
    After all his travels, John Muir makes Yosemite his home.
  • Writings are published

    Writings are published
    John Muir always kept journals on his many travels of his thoughts and drawings. In 1874 some of his articles are published and and he becomes a writer.
  • Marrige and Ranch

    Marrige and Ranch
    John marries Louie Wanda Strentzel and moves to Martinez, CA. They have two daughters and settle at their ranch.
  • Yosemite

    John Muir campaigns and wins to create Yosemite National Park.
  • Sierra Club

    Sierra Club
    Because of his many articles he began the movement on wilderness conservation, along with the creation of the Sierra Club. He was the President of the Sierra Club until he died.
  • Roosevelt & Muir

    Roosevelt & Muir
    President Roosevelt journeys to visit Yosemite. He spends his time there only wanting to be with John Muir, camping, hiking, and riding horeback alone together.
  • Hetch Hetchy

    Hetch Hetchy
    John Muir tries and fails to prevent the construction of the Hetch Hetchy Damn
  • John Muir Dies

    John Muir Dies
    John Muir was our country's most famous naturalist and conservationist. At the age of 86 he died of an pneumonia.