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The Life of Helen Keller

  • Helen Keller's Birth

    Helen Keller was born on July 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama to Arthur H. Keller and Kate Adams Keller.
  • At 19 months old, Helen contracts Meningitis.

    She is left blind and deaf.
  • Anne Sullivan is hired as Helen's teacher.

    Helen's parents hired Anne, a teacher from the Perkin's Institute of the Blind, following the advice of Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Helen understands words.

    Helen began to make a connectin between letters drawn on her hand by Anne and things. Her first understood word: water.
  • Helen learns to speak.

    Helen learns to speak with the help of Sarah Fuller, her first speech teacher.
  • Helen was accepted into Radcliffe College.

  • Helen publishes her first book.

    Her auto biography, "The Story of My Life."
  • Helen graduates from Radcliffe College.

    Helen was the first blind-deaf person to receive a bachelors of arts degree.
  • Helen joins the suffrage movement.

  • The Helen Keller International is founded.

    HKI is dedicated to reacher for the blind.
  • Helen Keller plays herself in the silent fim "Deliverance."

  • Helen becomes the spokesperson for the AFB.

    American Foundation for the Blind
  • Anne Sullivan dies.

  • Helen retires from public life.

    After a series of strokes, Helen retired to spend her life at home.
  • Helen receives the Presidental Medal of Freedom.

    President Lyndon Johnson award Helen with America's highest civial award.
  • Helen Keller dies.

    She passed away 26 days before her 88th birthday in Easton, Connecticut.