The Life of Edgar Varese

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  • Edgard is Born

    Edgard is Born
    Edgard Varese was born in Paris, France. When he was just a few weeks old, Edgard was sent of to live wih his great uncle in the small town of Le Villars in Burgundy.
  • Edgard moves to Turin, Italy

    Edgard moves to Turin, Italy
    In 1893, Edgar is forced to move with his parents to Turin, Italy to live with family members, as his father came from Italy. It was here that Edgard recieved his first proper music lessons under the instruction of Giovanni Bolzoni.
  • Schola Cantorum

    Schola Cantorum
    Edgard is accepted as a student of Schola Cantorum, a private music school which specializd in opera/classical music and teaching the art of composing.
  • Marriage to Suzanne Bing

    Marriage to Suzanne Bing
    In 1907, Edgard moved to Berlin in order to expand his knowledge of music. There he met and then later married actress Suzanne Bing. Together they had 1 child, only to divorce later on in the year of 1913.
  • Moved o the U.S.A

    Moved o the U.S.A
    After being in-valided out of the French Army during World War I, Edard moves to the United States of America in order to find a regular job and to start exploring deeper into electronic music. He then became an American citizen in 1926.
  • Poème électronique is Finished

    Poème électronique is Finished
    Poème électronique (Electric Poem) was one of Edgard's most renowned compositions. It was written for the unveiling of Philip's Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels Fair. It showcases single electronic sounds and noises, including sirens, rumbles and 'taps'.
  • Koussevitzky International Recording Award

    Koussevitzky International Recording Award
    Edgar becomes the first musician to win the Koussevitzky International Recording Award in 1963 fo his composition 'Arcane'. The award was established to give recognition to composers, their work and 'to encourage the performance and appreciation of contemporary music'.
  • Edgar Dies

    Edgar Dies
    After composing just over 12 compositions, Edgard passes away on the 6th of November 1965 in New York City, New York. He is often described as a pioneer in new and contemporary music and was one of the first to explore sounds and percussion in depth.