The life of Buffalo Bill Cody

  • Born in Scott County, Iowa

  • Buffalo Bill Cody works for the famous Pony Express rider

    Buffalo Bill Cody worked for the famous Pony Express
  • Buffalo Bill's mother dies

    Buffalo Bill Cody's mother died of tuberculosis
  • Volunteers for the Cavalry

    Buffalo Bill Cody was a brawny 18-year-old scout in the 7th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry rides in enemy territory, Western Missouri.
  • Buffalo Bill participates in Kansas Settler war

    A settler/Indian war erupted on
    the plains of Kansas. General Sheridan sent a call for Buffalo Bill, appointing Cody as Chief of Scouts of the Fifth Cavalry.
  • Buffalo Bill hosts part for Grand Duke Alexis

    The party in 1872 included Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, who had traveled to the Plains to get a taste of the famous American West
  • Began Wild West Show

    In 1883, Bill cashed in on his fame and started what would become the greatest Western show ever assembled: "Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World." This is the greatest western show in western history.
  • Buffalo Bill forced to retire from show business

    In 1913, Buffalo Bill Cody was forced to shut down his western carnival after thirty years of service. He was forced to shut down the business because they weren't making enough money and nobody was coming to the carnival
  • Buffalo Bill's Death

    After a brief illness, Buffalo Bill Cody died