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The life of Austin Mahone !!!!

By sc3174
  • Austin's Birthday

    Austin's Birthday
    austin was born April 4, 1996.
  • his life is tough

    his life is tough
    Austin father died of Cancer when he was young ,but he didn't let that stop him from singing he was able to put it all into hi music. Austin Mahone started off as a YouTube sensation singing songs and making feel good videos with his best friend Alex Constancio. Austin Mahone has two hits out so far chart toppers Say Somethin and his first single 11:11 also known as Make a Wish. Some say he's the next Bieber ,but he just be the next phenomenon and many are saying he will be we'll have to just wa
  • when he became famous

    when he became famous
    On August 28, 2012 Mahone announced that he had been officially signed to Chase/Universal Republic Records.[
  • His life now

    His life now
    he has come along way from that little baby to becoming famous.
  • Austin's impact on the singing Career

    Austin's impact on the singing Career
    Mahone lives in San Antonia Texas and is a 15-year-old singer and musician known for looking like Justin Bieber and recording cover songs on YouTube.
    So what? There are lots of kids uploading videos and singing covers these days right?
    But Mahone and his fans are different.
    His fans are known as Mahomies - and he has his own Blog, Facebook,YouTube, Dailybooth, Tumblr, Twitter, SoundCloud, Formspring, and Myspace accounts.
    He records popular cover songs and posts them to YouTube.
  • austin mahone facts

    austin mahone facts
    -Austin Mahone was born on April 4,1996
    -His moms name is Michele - twitter @michelemahone
    -His dad died when he was 16 months old -His bestfriends name is Alex Constancio - twitter @alexconstancio7 -His first kiss was in 6th grade -His favorite song is One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber -His favorite candy is Hershey's Kisses
    -His favorite color is Red -He lives in San Antonio, Texas -He is Home schooled -His height is 5'8 -Eye Color is Green/Hazel -Learned to play the guitar by a