The Kite Runner Timeline

Timeline created by Morgant19
  • Amir is born

    Our main character is born, but sadly that is not the only thing that happened that day. On page 6 Amir talks about his mother by saying, "It was there, in that little shack, that Hassan was born in the winter of 1964, just one year after my mother died giving birth to me". Amir talks very highly of his mother and never talked badly about her, but he was upset seeing Hassan act like his mother never existed because his mother had passed away.
  • Mohammad Daod Khan

    Mohammad Doad Khan was a former prime minister of Afghanistan and overthrew King Zahir Shah while he was not there to defend his throne. But then was thrown out by a war started by PDPA (People's Democracy Party of Afghanistan). While fighting Mohammad died and as well as many, many others.
  • Assef rapes Hassan

    This was a very pivotal event that changed both Amir and Hassan's lives forever. The day of the kite tournament, the pressure is on Amir because he feels the need to prove something to his father. The kite flies away and Hassan goes to return it. Amir went looking for Hassan and sees him in an alleyway with Assef being raped. This quote perfectly exemplifies what his next actions were, "In the end, I ran" (Hosseini 77). He ran and the quilt of not taking action at that moment haunts him.
  • Khan's proposed idea for Women's rights

    Starting in 1975 Khan suggested a new law that would include more women's rights. After that proposed idea, in 1978 he was later killed in a coup which let Nur Mohammad Taraki gain power over the country and sign a treaty with the Soviet Union.
  • Ali and Hassan Leave

    Amir felt the need to find a way for Ali and Hassan to leave because he couldn't bare to see Hassan after seeing the incident with Hassan and Assef. Amir made the decision that he was going to frame Hassan for stealing and have baba kick them out. After he framed them Baba did not want them to leave. Ali already had his mind set on leaving and said, "I'm sorry, Agha Sahib, but our bags are already packed. We have made our decision (Hosseini 106).
  • The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

    The Soviet Union entered Afghanistan looking for power and started a war that lasted for 10 years, ending in 1989. After the 10 year war, the Soviet Union finally leaves.
  • Amir and Baba on their way to Pakistan

    "We rode in silence for about fifteen minutes..." (Hosseini 117). Amir and Baba left Kabul for Pakistan at night and were in a truck with many other people. Amir started to get car sickness but tried to hide it so he did not stand out. Baba said, "We're in Pakistan, Amir" (Hosseini 123). They had finally made it to Pakistan and heard someone screaming. It was Kamal's father kneeling over him because Kamal had died by inhaling the toxic fumes. After Kamal died, his dad killed himself.
  • Amir and Baba arrive in America

    Once Amir and Baba arrive in America it was hard to adjust especially with all of the differences between each place. baba was very fond of the idea of America and taht is stated very clearly when Amir says, "Baba loved the idea of America" (Hosseini 125). Baba had a very rough start adjusting to the different environments especially with the incident with Mrs. Nguyen asking for his license. After the incident Amir said, "My father is still adjusting to life in America," (Hosseini 128).
  • American Ambassador Adolph Dubs

    When American Ambassador Adolph Dubs died the U.S. cut ties with Afghanistan. After he died, USSR invaded Afghanistan on December 24 which caused many deaths. Shortly after, In the early 1980s, the Soviet Union is now against Mujahadeen rebels.
  • Warplanes attack the Taliban

    This occurred after 9/11 had happened and the U.S requested they turn over or give them Bin Laden. After they had no response the U.S and British warplanes aimed to fire back at Taliban bases causing a war to ignite.