The Kite Runner

Timeline created by raboukhalil
  • amir is born

  • the king gets overthrown

    the king is overthrown while he was away in Italy and the government changes with a bloodless revolt
  • seizing power

    afhanistan was ruled by king shah. on July 17, 1973 when the king was on vacation, mohammed daoud khan seized power. he was king shah's cousin and a former prime minister of Afghanistan
  • hassan and amir win the kite flying contest

    in winter 1975, Hassan and Amir decide to join a kite flying contest. they end up winning the contest. later that day Hassan gets raped by Assef in the alley
  • baba and amir leave Afghanistan

    baba and amir leave Afghanistan for the US because of the soviet invasion.
  • baba dies

    baba dies in his sleep when he finally starts to give amir the approval and support he craved so much as a boy
  • taliban takes control of the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul

  • hassan and his wife are killed in the streets

    the Taliban went to babas house and found hassan and his family there. hassan said he was taking care of the house for a friend and they called him a liar because they didnt believe him. they made him then kneel in the street and shot him in the head
  • the United States invasion

    After all of the events that had happened around September 11, 2001. the United States invaded Afghanistan and overthrew the taliban