The Kite Runner

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  • Amir is born

    Amir is the main character in the book and he is both the protagonist and his own antagonist. He deals with his own guilt throughout the novel and that is what keeps him from being happy.
  • Afghanistan becomes a republic

    Afghanistan becomes a republic
  • Kite Fighting Festival

    Kite Fighting Festival
    Every winter in Afghanistan, the children were all excited to compete in a kite fighting tournament. The winter of 1975 was the tournament that Amir won. This is also the same day that Hassan is raped by Assef. This serves as the major event at the beginning of the book that causes Amir most of his pain.
  • Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

  • Baba and Amir leave Afhganistan

    Amir and Baba leave the war-stricken Afghanistan to Peshawar, Pakistan in order to find a better life. Baba dreams of moving to America and eventually, Amir and him settle in Fresno, California.
  • Amir and Soraya get Married

    In Fresno, Amir meets Soraya. Soraya is the daughter of a general of Afghanistan who also moved from their home country in search of a better life. Soraya and Amir fall in love and get married and move to San Francisco.
  • U.S., Afghanistan, and Russia sign peace treaty

  • Taliban rises to power

  • Amir goes to Pakistan to meet Rahim Khan

    Rahim Khan calls Amir after 15 years of last talking to each other. Rahim Khan tells Amir that there are ways that Amir could atone for his sins back in Afghanistan. This sparks Amir's journey back to Afghanistan where Amir sees the country for the first time in 15 years.
  • 9/11