The impact of ICT

  • First Computer invented

    First Computer invented
  • World's First Radio Invented

    World's First Radio Invented
    the first radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor and radio pioneer, and he was the first person to send and receive Morse code signals.
  • The Collosus programmable computer invented

    The Collosus programmable computer invented
    The Collosus was the first electronic programmable computer and was developed by Tommy Flowers and first demonstrated in December 1943. It was created to help British code breakers read encrypted German messages during the second World War.
  • The first video game console- the "Brown Box"

    The first video game console- the "Brown Box"
    German born engineer, Ralph Baer and his co-workers designed the first video game console to work on a standard television.
  • First Email Sent

    First Email Sent
  • The first Personal Computer invented

    The first Personal Computer invented
    Ed Roberts coined the term personal computer in 1975 with the Altair 8800.
  • Virgin Atlantic First Flight

    Virgin Atlantic First Flight
    A Boeing 747-200 christened Maiden Voyager operated the first Virgin Atlantic scheduled flight.
  • First Sat-Nav invented

    First Sat-Nav invented
    The first sat-nav was made in 1986 by a man called John Smith. A sat-nav guides you to a destination that you may never have been to before by using the position of global satellites to pinpoint a specific location. A sat-nav receives signals from several satellites at any one time to find your exact position and plan your route.
  • The Game Boy released

    The Game Boy released
    Nintendo scores its second smash hit with the introduction of the game boy. The first major handheld console, Game boy featured a black and white LCD screen.
  • EuroStar Train Service Launched

    EuroStar Train Service Launched
    The first service was between Warteloo station in London, Gare du-Nord in Paris and Brussels-South Station railway station in Brussels.
  • First Apple iPod Released

    First Apple iPod Released
    First iPod released by Apple Inc. Steve Jobs brought out the first line of iPods, the latest line were announced on 12th September 2012. iPods are used as external storage devices for music, photos, videos, games, contact information, e-mail settings, web bookmarks and calendars.
  • Skype Launched

    Skype Launched
    Skype is a free IM, Video Chat and Voice Chat service developed by four Estonians. It had 663 million users as of 2010.
  • Facebook Launched

    Facebook Launched
    Facebook was co-created by Mark Zuckerburg in his Harvard dorm-room. In January 2009 Facebook was ranked the world's most used social networking site.
  • First 3D film released

    First 3D film released
    Aliens of the Deep was the first 3D film released in the United States, directed by James Cameron. Its run time was 47 minutes.
  • YouTube launched

    YouTube launched
    YouTube is a video sharing website and is based in San Bruno, California. Most of the content is uploaded by individuals, but large media corporations like BBC, VEVO, CBS and Hulu use it to broadcast their material.
  • Twitter Launched

    Twitter Launched
    Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, then was released by July. It has 500,000,000 (million) registered as of 2012.
  • Tumblr Launched

    Tumblr Launched
    Tumblr is a social networking site that allows you to share short blogs and other forms of multimedia.
  • BBC iPlayer launched

    BBC iPlayer launched
    BBC iPlayer is a TV catch up service that you can access via the internet. The original iPlayer was released in 2005 as a beta-test, then the new look version was launched in 2008. The marketing slogan was "Making the unmissable, unmissable."
  • Instagram Launched

    Instagram Launched
    Instagram is a fast way to share photos on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape.
  • Prediction

    Tablets will be affordable for everone, We won't need wires for anything and everything will be sent over the internet.