The impact of ICT

  • First Computer Invented

    It was called the Difference Engine and it was invented by Charles Babbage.
  • First Colour 3D Film produced

  • First Online Booking System An American Airline created the fisrt online booking system.
  • First Electronic Computer

  • First Computer Mouse

  • Arpanet Invented

    It was invented by the American Army
  • First Email Sent

  • Internet Invented

  • First Sat-Nav Steve Lobbezzo created the first Sat-Nav for cars.
  • Skype was Launched

    Skype was launched.
  • Facebook was Launched

    Facebook, the wrolds largest socjial networking site, was launched by Mark Zuckerburg.
  • Youtube was Founded

    Youtube, a video sharing website, was launched in 2005.
  • Qzone was Launched

    Qzone, the third largest social networking site was launched.
  • Twitter was Launched

    Twitter, which is the worlds second largest social networking site, was launcehd in 2006.
  • When BBC Iplayer was launched

    BBC Iplayer is a catch up service which allows you to watch progrmmes up to a week after they were shown on tv.
  • Twitter has 500 million Users

    Twitter has 500 million users, and 140 million are in the USA!
  • Facebook reaches 1 Billion Users

    Facebook is officially the worlds largest social netwroking site - it has over 1 billion accounts!