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The Hunger Games- Who Helped Katniss By: Laura Dellis

By LauraD5
  • Helper 1: Katniss's Father

    Helper 1: Katniss's Father
    Katniss's father gave Katniss many nesscessary skills as she hunted in the wild. He gave her the proper insights into animals and where to hit them when aimed. He wanted Katniss to be prepared if anything were to happen to him.
  • Helper 2: Peeta

    Helper 2: Peeta
    Peeta gave Katniss food when she needed it most. He gave her bread while she had fallen on the ground hungrey and he would most definatly get a beating if his mother were to find out. So why take the risk? He might have cared for Katniss in a small way and did not want to see her die when he knew he could do something about it.
  • Helper 3: Gale

    Helper 3: Gale
    Gale helped give Katniss hope that Prim was going to be left in the right hands. Katniss was skeptical of her mother, and found it a relief when Gale took the situation into his hands. Gale wanted to show that he was there for her even when times got hard, and that he would always have Katniss's back.
  • Helper 4: Baker

    Helper 4: Baker
    The baker (Peeta's dad) tells Katniss that he will help give Prim food. This is hudge for Katniss because she will not be their to hunt and put food on the table. The baker probably wanted to do this because he wanted to do an overwelming act of kindness and help good people stay alive.
  • Helper 5: Cinna

    Helper 5: Cinna
    Cinna helps get Katniss (and Peeta) a great first impression outfit. This is important because he gave the Captiol a taste of what District 12 is really all about. Cinna was new to the Capitol and wanted to show how a first impression outfit should look, and help Katniss and Peeta get ahead in the competition.
  • Helper 6: Rue

    Helper 6: Rue
    Rue helped Katniss become aware with her surrondings. She pointed out where the Tracker Jacker nest was to Katniss. This is important because a couple of stings from those bad boys and its all over. Rue was helpful throughout the whole story to Katniss and helped her become aware of things some might overlook.
  • Helper 7: Haymitch

    Helper 7: Haymitch
    Haymitch may not at first seemed like much as a help at first , but he helped his tributes keep themselves headstrong sending in suppplies only when completely needed. He sent Katniss and Peeta a full feast when times were rough and food was scarce. He also sent Katniss sleep medichine for Peeta (which gave her the chance to go to the dinner with the remaining tributes.)
  • Helper 8: Threash

    Helper 8: Threash
    Threash let Katniss live because of Rue. Threash understood Rue was from his district and knew how much life was in her. He didn't want to kill the one person that was Rue's ally, the one person who was helping Rue, the one person who was Rue's friend.
  • Helper 9: Capitol

    Helper 9: Capitol
    The Capitol really saved Katniss and Peeta's life by preventing them to not eat the posionious berries. The Capitol stopped them knowing that something like this could ruin them and sparked a rebellion. Even though this was done for their own selfish reasons, it kept Katniss and Peeta alive.
  • Helper 10: Haymitch

    Helper 10: Haymitch
    Haymitch once again helped Katniss by giving her the tip to be careful what she says on her final interview. This is because the Capitol was mad at Katniss for trying to kill herself. Haymitch wanted Katniss to be safe and not be put into danger.