The Hunger Games Comprehension Assignment

  • Katnis receives help from peeta

    Peeta gaves Katniss bread by pretending that he burnt it. He threw it out and Katnis took it to eat. Peeta received a beating from his mother for burning the bread.
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    The Hunger Games Summer Homework Assignment

  • Katniss receives help from Gale

    Gale is Katniss's best friend. Gale helps Katniss hunt and trap food for her family. Gale also helps Katniss sell or trade items at the hobb to benefit her family.
  • Prim helps Katniss

    Prim helps Katniss by taking care of their mother while Katniss is gone. Prim stepped up and took on Katniss's role while she participated in the Hunger Games.
  • Katniss receives help from Madge Undersee

    Madge gave Katniss a mokingjay pin that Katniss wore during the games to give her strength and courage. Madge helped Katniss by giving her the good luck charm and something to remember District Twelve.
  • Haymitch helps Katniss

    Haymitch tought Katniss all about the games , and gave her strategies to win. Haymitch solicited sponsors for Katnis and Peeta.
  • Cinna helps Katniss

    Cinna helped Katniss during the preparation period before the games by being a friend to Katniss and her stylist. He gave her advise and amazing costumes.
  • The Judges help Katniss

    The Judges helped Katniss by giving her a score of 11, which helped her get more sponsors. The more sponsors she received the better her benefits if she won.
  • Katiss receives help from Rue.

    Rue helped Katniss by warning her about the tracker jacker nest that was hanging over her head in the tree she planned to sleep in. Rue and Katniss became an alliance and watched out for one another.
  • Katniss receives help from Rue

    Rue warned Katniss that danger was near with her mockingjay call. She planned strategies with Katniss.
  • Katniss receives help from Thresh

    Thresh let Katniss live because of her kindness to Rue, who was the other District 11 tribute. He had the chance to stick a spear through her but he let her go.