The Hunger Games

By kailem
  • Explanation

    Reaping is when the 12 districts (of Panem), pick one boy and one girl randomly to compete in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is when the choosen 24 boys and girls get imprsoned in an outdoor arena for several weeks. While they are in the arena they must fight to the death, the last person standing wins. The winner's district will get a large amount of food, grain, and oil.
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    Timespan of The Hunger Games

    Each (day) is a chapter, except the first 'day'. The first 'day' is explaining what reaping is and what the hunger games is.
  • The Day of the Reaping

    Katniss decides to go into the forest to see her friend Gale. They talk for a bit and then decide that they will go hunt and then trade it. They got one dozen fish, a bag of greens, and a gallon of strawberries. They traded six fish for bread and two for salt, half the greens for chunks of Parfin, and half the strawberries for some money from the mayor. By the time they were done, they got ready for the reaping of who will go to the Hunger Games. It happened so fast Katniss couldn't believe
  • The Day of the Reaping Cont.

    what happened next, her sister Prim got choosen to go to the Hunger Games.
  • Suprise!

    Katniss did the unthinkable by taking her sister's place in the Hunger Games. The boy that got choosen for district 12 was Peeta Mellark. A couple months ago when Katniss's family was strarving to death she went to the market to trade some old baby clothes but there were no takers. Katniss found herself walking down a lane where the rich people shop. She walked by the bakery and wished she could of got some bread. Peeta saw her and burned some bread, his mom hit him and told him to go feed the
  • Suprise!: Cont.

    told him to go feed the burned bread to the pig, but instead Peeta gave the burned bread to Katniss. Ever since then Katniss felt like she needed to repay him, but having to fight to the death is not a good way to do so.
  • Visitors

    Katniss was taken to a room where people could then come in and say a few words to her. First was her mother and sister, next was Peeta's father,after that was Madge,and finally was Gale. She then boarded a train where she would be taken to the capitol. Effie Trinket called Katniss for dinner, Katniss put on some clothes and went for supper. Peeta and Katniss both had alot to eat, and when they were done they watched other districts reapings,ate some more and left to help Haymitch off the floor.
  • Advice

    Katniss threw the cookies that Peeta's father gave her out the window. She threw them into a dandelion patch and then remembered when she had looked away from Peeta and saw a dandelion the day after he had given her the bread, and knew all hope wasn't lost. Effie Trinket called Peeta and Katniss to breakfast. As Katniss entered the dinning car she saw Haymitch waving her to take a seat. Again Katniss is served with alot of food, except this time her and Peeta asked Haymitch for advice.
  • Advice: Cont.

    Haymitches advice was don't resist what the stylist's may do to
    you (he wouldn't give them any more advice unless they needed it).
  • The stylists

    When she got off the train Katniss went straight to her stylist. Katniss first went to the prep team, who waxed, plucked, and washed every square inch of her body. Then she was taken to her stylist, Cinna who decided to put her and Peeta in black suits, black rubber boots, and a red, yellow, and orange cape. Katniss and Peeta got put on their chariot, then Cinna lit their cape on fire. The chariot rode into their training center/ living area where they would live and train before the Games begun
  • A Familiar Face

    Once Katniss and Peeta were out of their chariot, they were escorted to their "Quarter" where they would be living until the games begun. Katniss couldn't believe how many gadgets there were in her room. Once her and Peeta got settled in Effie Trinket called them for dinner. When Katniss was being served, she thought she had saw somebody she reconized. After dinner, Peeta showed Katniss the roof and garden. Katniss told Peeta about how her and Gale were in the woods and how that girl got picked
  • A Familiar Face: Cont.

    up in the hovercraft. When they went inside, Katniss saw the girl again and told her to go give Cinna the unitard and boots, that Katniss forgot to do, then Katniss went to bed.
  • The Training Begins

    When Katniss awoke, she headed off to breakfast. After she filled her plate, Haymitch and Peeta walked in. Katniss and Peeta told Haymitch their strengths and met Effie at the elevator for their first day of training.Before they left, Haymitch told them to try and do something their not good at instead of their strengths. He also told them to seem amiable to each other. The first activity they did was knots, then camouflage and so on. They had three days of activities, then they had their
  • The Training Begins Con't.

    private session, where they could show the Gamemakers what they can do. When it was Katniss's turn, she went straight to the bow and arrows, except the bows didn't feel right. She shot some arrows off and realized most of the Gamemakers wern't even paying attention to her so she shot an arrow straight at the Gamemakers, and left.
  • The Score

    After what Karniss did, she went into her room and cried. Effie
    called her for some dinner and Katniss mainly went for the scores that would be broadcasted later that night. The scores are out of 12, 1 being terrible, and 12 being phenomenal. The score Peeta got was an eight, and the score Katniss got was an eleven! The next morning, Katniss went for breakfast, to her suprise Peeta and Haymitch were already there talking to each other. Haymitch told Katniss that Peeta wanted to be coached
  • The Scores Con't.

  • The Interview

    When Peeta asked to be coached sepratly for the interviews, that's what they did, Peeta went with Haymitch for the content and Katniss went with Effie for the presentation. Effie taught Katniss how to walk in high heels, and smiled to anything or anybody. Then she went to Haymitch for a content lesson, which was pretty bad. Haymitch said she was 'as boring as a dead slug'. Katniss's last hope was Cinna. Cinna picked a dress that Katniss loved and by the time Katniss was finishing up getting
  • The Interview Con't

    ready. The interviews started. It started with District 1, the 2 and so on. When Katniss's turn was done it was Peeta's. Ceaser (the guys asking questions) asked Peeta if he had a girlfriend, he responded "No". Ceaser asked if he had a crush, Peeta said "yes". Ceasar said "Here's what to do. You win, go home and she won't resist you." Peeta responded "That won't help because she came here with me."
  • The Games Begin

    Katniss couldn't sleep all that night, to anxious about the games. Katniss got up and went to the roof. Peeta was there too. The next morning Katniss put on some clothes and the pin she got from Madge and headed to the arena. Cinna was there and wished her luck. Katniss stood on a metal pole. As the pole lifted up she could see the arena. She could hear the announcer say "Let the 74th annual Hunger Games begin".
  • The Hunger Games Begin

    Sixty seconds, Katniss stood wondering what to do, go far away from other tributes like Haymitch said, or go get supplies from the Cornucopia. Katniss decided that she would run far away from other tributes. While she was running she picked up a pack containing supplies like: a sleeping bag, knife, food, matches and wire. Katniss set up some traps with some wire and climbed a tree to sleep that night. Just as she dozed off she heard voices close to her. Three girls and two boys. They all aligned
  • The Hunger Games Begin Cont.

    to take out the rest of the people still living. There were eleven dead the first day.
  • Dehydration

    That morning Katniss checked her traps. She caught a rabbit. She ate half of it and saved the rest for later. Katniss was definitely dehydrated and her goal for the day was to find water. Half way through the day it was hard for Katniss to walk because she was so thirsty. After she found water she climbed a treee to sleep for the night. Katniss was a woke by footsteps of animals running away from the forest. There was a forest fire.
  • Trapped

    Katniss started running as far away as she could from the fire. To make matters worse fire balls wizzed passed her. One of the fireballs hit Katniss's calf which made her roll around on the ground trying to stop it from burning her leg. Katniss found water and plunged in instantly relieving her hands and calf. She couldn't stay in the water to long though because she could hear the footsteps of the aligned group. Katniss climbed up a tree and waited as one of the boys from the group tried to
  • Trapped Cont.

    reach her but fell when a branch broke. Peeta said to leave her until morning. Before she could go to sleep she spotted Rue, the smallest tribute, telling her to look up.
  • Tracker Jacker

    Rue was pointing to a Tracker Jacker nest. Katniss got an idea that she should cut the branch down that the wasp nest was hanging to and let it fall in the group that was surrounding the tree. While the anthem was playing Katniss received a gift from a sponser. It was medicine for her hands and leg. That morning Katniss cut the branch down with tht Tracker Jacker nest on it. Three stings affected Katniss the rest attacking everyone else. Katniss climbed down the tree and collected the bow and
  • Tracker Jacker Cont.

    arrows from one of the dead tributes and ran. Katniss was now feeling the pain from the stings and started hallucinating. Katniss passed out.
  • An Ally

    Katniss awoke from being passed out and went to a nearby stream. She refilled her water and went hunting with her new bow and arrows. Katniss caught a rabbit and a turkey that would probably last a couple days. Once she was done hunting she set up camp. Katniss had a feeling she was being watched....and was. Rue was stalking her. Katniss invited Rue for some dinner. Katniss asked Rue if she wanted to be her ally and Rue said yes. Katniss was also thinking of an offensive plan.
  • No more Food

    Katniss followed the river to the lake, where the groups camp was. Thirty feet away was their food supply. While Katniss was thinking of a plan, another tribute ran to the groups food supply, did a wierd tiptoeing movement around something and grabbed some food and ran back into the woods. Katniss realized that somebody in the group, reprogramed the mine and set them as a trap. Katniss took out three arrows and shot one at an apple sack. The sack ripped open and apples fell out setting off a
  • No More Food: Cont.

    huge explosion.
  • One more dead

    When the mines blew up, Katniss lost hearing in her left ear. The group came storming back to their food supply, angry, and confused. Katniss had to crawl to a hiding spot, where she could sleep for the night. In the morning, Katniss walked back to the stream and back to camp. Katniss had lunch, but Rue wasn't their. So Katniss went out looking for her. Katniss emerged from some bushes to find Rue caught in some nets. Somebody stabbed a spear into Rue and Katniss stabbed him with an arrow.
  • Two winners

    Katniss spent the last seconds of Rue's life by her side. Katniss climbed a tree and slept their for the night. Katniss couldn't shake the image of the boys face out of her head, then realized that he was her first kill, unless you count the two girls she killed with the wasp's nest. An announcer came on the speakers and said" Both tributes from the same district will be declared victors if they are the last two people standing." Katniss let this sink in.
  • The Hunt For Peeta

    Katniss decided that she would go search for Peeta. As she set off, she decided to look by the stream because he wouldn't survive long without water. While she was walking she spotted blood smears on some rocks, and she burst over there. To find nothing. She called out Peeta's name and heard a response... Peeta camouflaged into the ground. When Katniss found him he was in bad condition. Katniss fixed most of him, but couldn't help his huge gash on this leg. Then Haymitch sent Peeta some soup.
  • Story time

    Peeta wanted Katniss to tell him a story. So Katniss told him when her and Gale shot a deer. They went to the butcher and got alot of money for it. Katniss then used her share of the money to buy Prim a goat for her birthday. Then the announcer went on the speakers and said " There will be a feast at the Cornucopia, their will be a backpack with your districts number on it. It will help you survive." Then a gift arrived for Peeta, it is sort of like honey but it makes you pass out immidiatly.
  • Story Time

    Katniss tricked Peeta into eating it before he realized what it was and he passed out.
  • A Battle For A Bag

    Katniss followed the river back to the Cornucopia and waited for the table to rise with her bag on it. When Katniss made a run for the table, she got her bag. On her way back she to the woods she got knocked down from a girl from the group. Because she was from the group she wanted to make Katniss's death long and painfull. When she was about to start cutting Katniss, the biggest tribute picked up the girl on top of Katniss and smashed her head against a rock. Katniss got up and sprinted back to
  • A Battle For A Bag: Cont.

    the woods, and her camouflaged cave. She took the needle from inside the bag and stabbed it into Peeta's arm.
  • Changing weather

    The weather out side turned from sunny to downpour, trapping Katniss and Peeta inside their cave until the rain stopped. Katniss realized that her and Peeta were low in the terms of food. With the weather outside neither of them could do anything abou it. Another gift comes from Haymitch, this time it's bread rolls, goat cheese, apples, and the lamb stew.
  • Hunting

    They both ate the food and saved some for later. While Peeta was sleeping, Katniss saw that the raining had stopped and that meant they could go hunt. When they were hunting, Katniss couldn't believe how much noise Peeta was making, so she sent him off to pick some roots, plants, and berries. Before you know it, Katniss caught two rabbits and a squirrel. When she went to check on Peeta, she couldn't see him and got worried. Before she could call his name, he appeared out of the bushes with some
  • Hunting: Cont.

    berries. Katniss knew you couldn't eat the berries because they'll kill you in a matter of seconds. All of a sudden the cannon went off and that means 3 more tributes left.
  • To The Lake

    Katniss explained to Peeta that the berries were deadly, that's how the girl died. The next morning, Katniss and Peeta went outside and saw all the ponds and the stream were drained. Katniss knew that the Gamemakers did this to drive Katniss and Peeta to the lake, where the last tributes camp is. When they arrived there, the last tribute was no where to be seen. All of a sudden, the last tribute came sprinting out of the woods, but not to kill them, he was running away from something.
  • The Victor or Victors Will Be Choosen

    Soon Katniss and Peeta were running away too. Muttations, that is what they were running from. Katniss and Peeta made a dash toward the Cornucopia. Now Katniss, Peeta, and the last contestant were all trying to avoid the fierce wolves. Suddenly, the contestant had Peeta in a choke hold and wouldn't let go. Katniss used her second last arrow to shoot the contenderin the hand. He let go of Peeta and lost his balance plumiting to his death. That means Katniss and Peeta are the winners. The
  • The Victor or Victors Will Be Choosen:Cont.

    announcer got back on the speakers and said" Their can only be one victor." Katniss and Peeta were both going to commit suicide but before they could the announcer got back on the speakers and said we have are two victors!"
  • Hospital

    Peeta and Katniss were taken straight to the hospital to get looked at. Katniss got sent straight to her roomafter the hospital. Cinna took Katniss to get ready for the 'reunion show'. After Katniss got ready, she was taken under the stage. Before she went on, Haymitch told her that the Capitol is furios at her for making fun of them.
  • Back To District 12

    The 'reunion show' went out as planned, Ceaser asked them the questions and Katniss and Peeta answered them. The next morning, Katniss and Peeta did an interview with Ceaser. After they gathered up their belongings, they got on the train back to District 12. Katniss knew that when they get back to District 12 there would be alot of cameras. As the train arrived, Katniss couldn't help but wait to see her mom and sister.