the hunger games

Timeline created by nicholas lambkin
  • the reaping

    the reaping
    the people were choosen to be in the hunger games.
  • Period: to

    the hunger games

  • Train ride to the capitol

    Train ride to the capitol
    During the train ride to the capitol, the two tributes from district 12 get to know their mentor a little more . Haymitch Abernathy advises them to follow whatever their stylists says.
  • Training Center

    Training Center
    Katniss and Peeta remained together and also trained together.
  • The Hunger Games Begin

    The Hunger Games Begin
    Katniss goes with Cinna to the arena. there they arrive at the cornucopia. where katniss nearly dies trying to get a pack. Later on She falls asleep in a tree. Also 12 people dies.
  • day 2

    day 2
    An alliance is formed, katniss overheard them talking about killing her,so she try to get away
  • day 3

    day 3
    Katniss goes to find water. when she returns she realizes there is a great wall of fire coming at her including fireballs that was thrown by the gamemakers.
  • day 4

    day 4
    After being rundown by the carrers with the help of rue , katniss was able to set dangerous killing wasps on the sleeping carrers. which ran them away. katniss was also harmed by the wasps but rue helped and cured it.