The Honest Company's Journey From Inception To Listing

By Hormazf
  • The Beginning

    Jessica Alba, Brian Lee and an undisclosed investor invest $6M in seed-funding for The Honest Company.
  • Exponential Sales Growth

    Honest clocks sales of $150M; raises nearly $100M from investors at a valuation of $865M.
  • Forbes Feature

    Alba appears on the cover of Forbes; features among the richest self-made women in the US.
  • Peak Valuation

    Raises $100M in Series D funding at a valuation of $1.7B.
  • The Downfall

    A series of complaints begin against the company over false advertising, labelling and use of chemicals knows to be irritants. Settles two class action lawsuits worth $1.55M and 7.35M
  • Takeover Bid

    Unilever makes bid to acquire Honest at a valuation of $1B. Deal does not work out.
  • Product Recall

    Issues voluntary recall of baby wipes due to presence of mold.
  • Worth Halves

    Raises $75M in funding at a 50% discount to 2015 valuations.
  • Sales Drop From Peak

    Sales drop from 2016 peak of $300M to $238M.
  • Continued Drop In Sales

    Sales drop further to $236M.
  • Pandemic Boosts Sales

    Sales rebound to $300.5M due to a pandemic-driven boom.
  • Wall Street Debut

    Files for IPO and set to list on the Nasdaq.