The holocaust and Ellie Wiesel

  • hitler

    Hitler becomes chancellor of germany
  • Period: to


  • New Dictator

    Parliament passes legislature giving hitler all the power
  • Nazi party

    Nazis only legal party in germany
  • hitler as fuhrer

    Hitler becomes fuhrer after the german president dies
  • Laws of hitler

    Nuremberg laws where hitler basicallly said jews and other "undesireables" must give up their careers and can not own businesses.
  • Moishe the beadle

    Ellie meets moishe the beadle for the first time
  • WAR

    hitler declares war on the U.S.
  • End of laws but with a final solution

    Nuremberg laws end but hitler stats his final solution where the jews and all others where exterminated by hitler
  • warnings

    Moishe the beadle comes back to warn everybody to leave the land because of the germans
  • HImmler

    himler orders liquidation of jewish ghettos in poland
  • nazis deffeated

    Nazis thought to be crushed within weeks or months from german front
  • arrival

    germans arrive in sighet
  • passover

    passover begins
  • seventh day of passover

    jewish leaders are arrested by nazis
  • unfair laws

    jews could not leave their houses for 3 days and hungarian police raid each house for gold silver and valuables more things followed such as ghettos but not sure on time
  • leaving

    the prisoners leave gleitwitz
  • Pretend this is a saturday. . .

    this occurs three days after ellies family was put into a different ghetto and this is the day of expulsion.
  • arrival

    ellie and his family arrive at birkenau this is the last time ellie will see his mom or tzipora for they are split up upon arrival
  • transfered

    the wiesels run to auschwitz
  • removed

    the blockalteste was removed from ellies group for being to humane
  • transferred again

    ellie and father are put in buna
  • D-Day

    Allied landings in Normandy on the coast of northern France.
  • the gallows

    person is killed in front of inmates for stealing to show zero tolerence for being stupid in the camp
  • the allie front

    rumors of fronts spread through camp and give prisoners hope
  • travel

    the prisoners leave buna
  • arrival

    the prisoners arrive in gleitwitz
  • buchenwald

    ellie and very weak and sick father arrive at buchenwald after weeks of travel their cart lost 88 men out of 100
  • death strikes

    ellies dad dies
  • april 5

    all jews in buchenwald were ordered to go to the appelplatz many thought it was to be killed
  • liberaation

    ellies camp, buchenwald, was over run by allied troops and ellie and other survivors were freed
  • sickness

    ellie becames very sick after liberation and must go to a hospital for two weeks
  • Suicide

    hitler commits suicide
  • War ends

    War in europe ends
  • arival

    ellie and his father arrive at buchenwald their final concentation camp