The Histoy of the Native Americans, Cherokees

  • Period: to

    Years between the Cherokees and when they were forced to move.

  • Population of Cherokees

    Population of Cherokees
    The govener of South Carolina estimated that their were over 10,000 Cherokees living in 30 different villages.
  • Cherokees sign treaty.

    Cherokees sign treaty.
    Cherokees signed a treaty stating that their would be a boundery between the land of Cherokees and the colonist.
  • Cherokees agree to war.

    Cherokees agree to war.
    Cherokees were in the war between the British and the French.
  • Treaty of Augusta

    Cherokees give up two million acres of land.
  • The Cherokee Phoenix

    The Cherokee Phoenix
    The Cherokee Phoenix was created with Cherokee writing.
  • Unoffical Treaty

    Lands east of the Mississippi River were sold to the colonists for $5 millions. The Cherokees were angry about this, and went to the Supreme Court, where they won.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears
    Cherokees were forced to give up their lands and move west of the Mississippi Tiver.