Woodstock 1

The History of Woodstock

  • The greatest music festival of all time was born

    The greatest music festival of all time was born
    Woodstock history
    In August of 69', people from all over gethered to start what became known as one of the best music festivals of all time
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  • The loss of a legend

    The loss of a legend
    On September 18,1970, Jimi Hendrix passed away. Jimi was considered to be the main performance at the festival.
  • Another fallen

    Another fallen
    Janis Joplin died only a month after Jimi Hendrix. Another blow to the legendary line-up of 69'
  • Farewell Jim

    Farewell Jim
    The lead vocalist from the Doors passed away on July third of 71'. These three tragedies mark the end of the infamous 60's era.
  • 25 years

    25 years
    The festival celebrated the 25 year anniversary, but with a new style of music, metal. This violent form of music changed the peaceful face of the original fest.
  • A different Stock

    A different Stock
    It all ended in disaster as a major riot broke out, proving the people of America can no longer peacefully assemble. Many were killed as forms of violence broke out. the once peaceful festival ended on a tragic note.