The history of UK's website

  • The beginning

    The beginning
    See the site: The first version of the UK website I could find was this, as documented by web.archive.org. This is obviously a basic website, made with a simple banner, a table and a small text field at the bottom. What fascinates me the most is the sheer size of the website, as it fits about 300 pixels at its width. Also, in the first decade of the website, notice the lack of social accessibility to social networks available on these early versions.
  • A major revision

    A major revision
    See the site:By December of the next year, UK decided on a much more pleasing design for their home page. The site featured more options, with a horizontal and vertical menu bars, a psuedo-news feed and other linked photos. But if you see nothing else, check out the UK slogan, "America's Next Great University". That little slogan was fairly controversial within the university. Former President Lee Todd Jr. made some major reforms inside the public relations office when he began his administration.
  • Not a lot of updates

    Not a lot of updates
    See the site: Besides the main photo spot on the site and the newsfeed, UK seemed to be pleased with this particular version of the site. This is one of the longest running versions UK had in place throughout the years.
  • Same site, but not for Patterson

    Same site, but not for Patterson
    See the site: Once, again, we see the same site from UK, however, notice the placement of the Patterson statue. That certainly is not where UK's first president resides today.
  • Third generation

    Third generation
    See the site: Evidently, the graphic appeal of the first fell out of favor for a shooting star (or a meteor, or flaming space junk). This is the first instance we have of the new theme, which plays up more. And don't fret about the massive "?" box on the left, it is similar to the previous news feed from the other design.
  • Goodbye shooting star, hello ... Fab Five?

    Goodbye shooting star, hello ... Fab Five?
    See the site:
    After a very long reign of about 4 years from what I can tell, the shooting star of UK had become dull. Hard to believe something could stand on a site that long today. Now, the "academic Fab Five", a group of UK's best students, faculty and researchers, stars the home page. Notice the right half of the "shooting star" photo is still underneath the news feed. Oops!
  • Back to simplicity

    Back to simplicity
    See the site:
    The Fab Five must not have been so fabulous, as UK once again re-designed their site, this time with simplicity in mind. The site is basically contructed with a site, and a few horizontal and vertical tables. The background photo features UK's director of the School of Journalism, Beth Barnes,. The site's dimensions also got a boost, to fit into better resolution computers.
  • Entering the world of rapid updates

    Entering the world of rapid updates
    See the site:
    With the latest redesign of the UK website, the web team (whoever that may be) began the culture of rapid updates, consistently changing the background photos. Whether these photos are set to be random, we don't know, but whatever the case may be, it's certain they are beginning to understand the idea of fresh content.
  • Another fresh 'splash'

    Another fresh 'splash'
    See the site: Here's another example of UK's increased focus on the site. One thing to remember, there are still no hints to social media integration. By this time, MySpace and Facebook were all gaining massive popularity.
  • Kumble's introduction

    Kumble's introduction
    See the site:
    This is more of a ceremonial addition than any significant technological web design breakthrough. Here's Kumble Subbaswamy, our current UK provost, introduction into the UK community.
  • Boxy and fashionable

    Boxy and fashionable
    See the site: UK's next big website renovation has a lot of things going for it: The introduction of link blue, the student's portal into all the useful tools to keep up with our daily lives; creating boxed content, to create white space (or blue space) around content that is more pleasing than tables. We also see the new UK slogan, "see blue." for the first time. Lots of firsts, and one of the best redesigns we've seen so far.
  • UK gets modern

    UK gets modern
    The first decade of the 21st century was a time of turmoil, complacency and reinvention for UK. Now, with this new version of the site, they have reached modern times. First off, the new site is longer than one scroll. They lead with an introductory video about UK. The site features the standard menu bar up top, and a much more friendly user interface.
  • The site you know and love(?)

    See the site:
    Here's the current version of the UK website. Evidently the video introductions weren't sufficient. So, now the site includes a moving photo, probably coded in HTML5, a cleaner top menu, and FINALLY, the introduction of social media tabs above the scroll. The site has become more and more focused on prospective students, and parents. Only time will tell what the next site will look like!