The History of Social Media

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  • Advent of the Telegraph

    Advent of the Telegraph
    This offered "faster than a horse" communication over long distances. This was a method of transporting messages.
  • Blogging sites begin

    Blogging sites begin
    blogging is a gerund or a present participle. Today, there's individuals who blog a lot while using social media. LiveJournal was one of the first blogging sites created.
  • The birth of Wikipedia

    The birth of Wikipedia
    This was launched in 2001, and has a huge impact on the internet as of today. It's a free online encyclopedia, and it has the ability to search almost anything, allowing users to edit articles.
  • LinkedIn's appearence

    LinkedIn's appearence
    This is a great way to connect with professionals within the field you choose to work in. Promotes businesses and lists jobs, connecting users in order for them to sell themselves for the business market for a good job.
  • MySpace

    This became a popular site extremely fast. Individuals were able to customize their profiles in creative ways, and embed music and videos. This was a big moment for the history of social media, and some would say that it's revolutionary for its time.
  • YouTube

    Owned by google, this is a site that offers the ability to watch videos all day long. Users can vlog, watch clips, and like or comment on videos. This was such a game changer
  • Facebook

    The site that took Myspace's popularity is what some may say. It's been growing across the globe since 2006, and remains as one of the top social networks there is today.
  • The rise of Twitter

    The rise of Twitter
    This site was launched in 2006, and attained a "cut-like" status. It's so popular because it allows individuals to interact with celebrities on a level that others don't
  • Instagram Arrives

    Instagram Arrives
    launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram separated itself from the competition of other social media sites by focusing posts mainly around photos and videos. It currently has over 1 billion users.
  • Snapchat

    This popular social media app was started by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. It allows people to chat with each other via pictures and videos. One of the more popular aspects of this is that pictures expire after 24 hrs.