The History Of Physical Education

  • First Sport Lesson In school

    Educational reformer Johann Bernhard Basedow develops and begins the first daily physical training in a school. Basedow developed a daily plan and gave the outline and the proper supervision to a teacher to ensure that the exercises were taught properly.
  • First Teacher Of physical Education

    The first recorded modern P.E teacher was Johan Friedrich Simon. He was apart of the curriculm at Johnann Bernhard Basedow's school in Dessau,Germany. The curriculm of the physical education was primarilty gymnastics but also consisted of other sports like fencing and horseback riding.
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    The history of physical education

  • Denmark's Bill of 1814

    Denmark's Bill of 1814
    Denmark was the first European nation to mandate mandatory physical education in its school. The bill, known as Denmarks Bill of 1814 made P.E a mandatory part of its school curriculum. gymnastics was the base of the teaching guidlines and curriculum.
  • Hartford Seminary

    Hartford Seminary
    in 1823 Catherine Beecher opened Hartford Seminary. This was a private school for girls that introduced and taught many forms of aerobics and even weighed out food before the girls ate their meals. This was one of the first schools that allowed and directed a healthy and physical lifestyle at females.
  • First P.E teacher in America

    Charles Beck became the first P.E teacher in america. He modeled his methods after that of Friederich Jahns system. While Beck was working as a latin teacher in Massachusetts he developed the first outdoor gymnasium and with it a gymnastics program, the first in U.S
  • First college gymnasium

    The first college, in the united states, to have a gymnasium was Harvard. It was established by the well known Charles beck and Charles Follen who are also known for many other progressions in the Physical education world in the United States.
  • YMCA

    The first YMCA to open, in the united states, was in 1851 in Boston,Ma. YMCA stands for the Young Men's christian association. The main goal of this organization is to motivate and educate the youth of the world. This, however, was not the first YMCA. Its original start began in London, England and as times progressed and the importance of a healthy lifestyle progressed it eventually made its way to America.
  • First city requires P.E in school

    Until this time P.E was not a mandatory part of any schools curriculum. Well, in 1853 Boston became the first city to require and mandated that P.E become a daily part of the curriculm for all the schools within the city limits. Once Boston made this crucial decsion is was not long before other cities around the country began implementing the same policy.
  • First state to mandate P.E

    Up until this no state had mandated that their be a Physical education program within its schools curriculum. Individual cities had passed ordinances mandating P.E, but no state as a whole had taken the step forward requireing it state wide. In 1866 California took that step forward and became the first state to require all schools in the state to have P.E be apart of the curriculum with the goal of keeping kids active and educating them on Physucal educatiom. Many States soon followed suite.
  • YWCA

    Just like the YMCA, the YWCA started in europe long before it made its way over to America. But with the success of the YMCA a group of women got together and created a similar association that was geared toward empowering young women. In current times neither programs are gender specific, but both programs aim to empower youth and educate and guide them into a strong and healthy lifestyle.
  • Creation of AAHPERD

    Creation of AAHPERD
    This organizations main goal was to assist people involved in the health, P.E, fitness and other recreational activities with the hopes of helping to achieve healthier lifestyles. Their goal was to support those trying to eduate other in leading a healthy lifestyle. This group became the largest and oldest organization that supported on the level that it did and does.
  • American Assistance for the advancements of P.E

    This group did and continues to do many greta things for the advancement of P.E. One of the significant aspects of this group is it supported the gymnastics foundation at the time, which was the basis of P.E during this time period. It also paved the way for an increase on intercollegiate athletes due to an increase in P.E courses.
  • Boston Conference all for Physical training!!!

    This conference brought to light and became the first time the profession of P.E recieved National Attention. The conference was to show support and interest in the field of physical training. The end result of this conference clarified the many ideologies and theories of P.E, Health, and physical training in the United states.
  • Physical education and development of children

    The national education association developed the 7 cardinal principles of secondary education. The one that highled the world of physical education was that children need recreational skills and positive attitudes toward exercise. By educated our children in this way it would enhance their use of leisure. This is where the statement "P.E promotes a Healthy lifestyle" first began.
  • HPER school is founded

    Established in 1946, this was the first School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation in the United States. the schools motto "a sound body provides for a sound mind" has been the pavement for this school since its opening. This school was strictly aimed at teaching men and womens health and physical education but has since grown, now offering 50 majors ranging from physical training to sports management.
  • NAIA formation

    NAIA formation
    The NAIA is an association that organizes college and university athletic programs. currently today the NAIA sponsors 23 national championships in the united states and when it was developed in 1952 many sports for the first time had national sponsorship. many of these sports were golf,tennis and outdoor track.
  • Brown vs Board of Education

    Brown vs Board of Education
    in 1954 brown vs the board of education granted black students equal educational opportunities as that of white people. This was a milestone for physical education because up until this point black children did not recieve the kind of training and leisure time as that of white kids. With this ruling black children would now recieve equal opportunity in not only your maths, reading, etc. but also in the area of Physical education.
  • Presidents council on youth fitness

    this is an advisory committee that was created in 1956. volunteer citizens comunicate with the president via the secretary of health and human services about physical fitness, health and sports in America. The councils main goal is to make physical activity, sports and health fun and enjoyable for all age groups.
  • Presidential physical fitness award

    Presidential physical fitness award
    this award was created by president Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966. These are awards that were created by the presidents council of youth fitness. The main goal of these awards was to motivate kids to get active. There are many different awards that can be won all that have qualified standars. Those children that meet and pass the fitness test gets an award with the presidents signature
  • Public law 90-170

    This law, enacted in 1967 ensured that kids with disabilities also received eduation in the are of heath and P.E.. Especially in the motor skills and coordination areas of physical education. This law guaranteed that funds would be available for reasearch and training in the adapted physical eductaion.
  • 1st special olympics

    special olympics
    the first special olympics were held at soldier field in chicago in the year of 1968. This organization is geared towards children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The organization offers year round training in a variety of different sports. The copetitions, or olympics are held every day on many different levels including local, national and regional.
  • title IX

    title IX
    in june of 1972 president nixon signed into law what was to be known as title IX. This would be apart of the education amendment of 1972. title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any program activity that is federally funded. This law enabled both male and females to get the same educational benefits and greatly changed the world of P.E.. Until this point many females did not get the smae treatment or education in P.E. funding in all areas was now equal.
  • public law 94-142

    This was another law that showed support for youth with discabilities. This law guaranteed that all youth with disabilities would get education to the fullest degree. this included P.E and began many new fundings for the physical education curriculum for handicapped youth.
  • "May Month"

    in 1983 the month of may became known as "May Month". It was named the month of national physical fitness and sports month. During this month many schools highlight the importance of physical activity and physical education. the instructors who are guiding and educating our youth on the importance of a healthy lifestyle are many times honored within the school. many times schools will have event days that are directed at being active and healthy.
  • Spark Program

    in 1989 ther SPARK program. This is a research based and public health organization that promotes lifelong wellness. It aims to educate kids in school at an early age to set a pattern that they will carry into adulthood and will forever maintain a healthy life. The program sets a basis and curriculum based on age and other factors. Today spark is known as one of the best and most successful curriculum programs in schools
  • no child left behind

    no child left behind Vs P.E
    passed by president bush in 2011. No child left behind aimed to give kids more time in school dedicated in the areas of math and reading. This act was devestating for the world of P.E. this bill cut leisure time and many of the P.E programs within schools. Many schools now dont even require P.E as a part of daily curriculum. This bill also eliminated many jobs in the P.E and health programs in schools.
  • Child nutrition and WIC reauthorization act

    in 2004 public law 108-265 was written and passed. this law required school districts who were federally funded under the meals program to begin addressing nutrition and physical activity. This law mandated that any school who's meal program was funded federally to have a health and physical education program within its curriculum.
  • Healthy people 2010

    this is a program that sets standards and goals for over a 10 year period. so it is updated every 10 years. It states where we are physically as a nation and where the goal is to be over the next 1o years. in 2020 the goals will be updated and revised. This program is great in that it allows us to view where we are as a nation and where we need to strive to be.
  • obesity at an all time high

    obesity at an all time high
    in 2011 the reports were released that we as a country were more overweight than we have ever been. which is scray given that information and opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle are also at an all time high. currently 1/3 of our youth are overweight and adult percentages are even higher.