the history of pants

  • Pants Trends: 1900's

    Pants Trends: 1900's
    It’s amazing how just one century can change human perception of fashion so drastically. The word “pants” was considered to be indecent in the 19th century, but in the 20th century people started inventing new pants styles and became more appropriate for women to wear.
  • Pants Trends: 1950's

    Pants Trends: 1950's
    1950s can be characterized by bringing many innovations to casual wear and designing more feminine clothing. It was in this decade that it was finally deemed appropriate for the women to wear pants as casual attire
  • Pants Trends: 1960's

    Pants Trends: 1960's
    The 1960s saw a lot of new, convention-breaking styles as society as a whole was facing transition and change. Drastic changes were seen even within the decade. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the pants trends during the “swinging sixties”.
  • Pants Trends: 1970's

    Pants Trends: 1970's
    The 1970s saw a continuation of the hippie movement and the development of the disco age, two major cultural events in the United States. Fashion was heavily influenced by musical events and clothing styles remained eccentric with bright colors and designs of wild flowers and psychedelic patterns. The pants styles of this decade were no exception.
  • Pants Trends:1980's-1990's

    Pants Trends:1980's-1990's
    The last two decades of the twentieth century featured a change in pace for the fashion world. The hippie movement subsided, but social issues still influenced styles and trends of the time.
  • Early History of Pants

    Early History of Pants
    Pants have truly become the most ubiquitous and favorite wardrobe staple for mankind. We can refer to pants as slacks, kegs, breeches or trousers, but it doesn’t change the importance of their impact on the history of humanity