20th c

News & Fashion in the 20th Century

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  • Titanic Sinks

    Titanic Sinks
  • Fashion in 1915

    Fashion in 1915
    Women Often wore practical full length skirts. Also called "war crinoline" by the fashion press.
    Men: Wore a traditional middle class suit, often single breasted with narrow lapels, high buttons, and straight trousers.
  • End of World War I

    End of World War I
    Treaty of Versailles signed in Paris
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    Women were given the right to vote with the passing of the 19th Amendment.
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  • Fashion in 1925

    Fashion in 1925
    Women: Wore flapper dresses.
    Men: Slimmer 2 piece suits. Also men wore more athletic clothing like golf stars of the time.
  • Charles Lindbergh transatlantic flight

    Charles Lindbergh transatlantic flight
    Lindbergh completed the first nonstop transatlantic flight from Long Island to Pariis.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    The roaring 20's came to a screechin hault and the great depression set in from this historic event.
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  • Fashion in 1935

    Fashion in 1935
    Women: Wore dresses as well as fur and floral. The military look was also introduced.
    Men: Wore short shorts with tall socks, fedoras, and double beasted coats.
  • Hindenberg crashes

    Hindenberg crashes
    The first major catastrophe covered by on-the-spot broadcast reporting.
  • World War II Begins

    World War II Begins
    Hitler unleashes German MIlitary into Poland starting the second world war.
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  • D Day

    D Day
    150,000 allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France to liberate Western Europe from Nazi control.
  • Fashion 1945

    Fashion 1945
    Women: Continued to wear dresses and skirts. Gloves were also very popular.
    Men: Continued to wear suits, ties, and hats
  • Japanese Surrender

    Japanese Surrender
    After successfully dropping the atomic bomb on 2 Japanese cities, Japan officially offered their surrender.
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  • Brown v Board of Education

    Brown v Board of Education
    The decision of the supreme court in this case forever changed the diversity of schools and set off a series of civil rights events.
  • Fashion 1955

    Fashion 1955
    Women: Worn half belts and sashes, as well as long evening dresses.
    Men: Leather jackets, plain blue jeans, they had a "bad boy" look to them during this time.
  • Let the Space Race begin

    Let the Space Race begin
    Russia launches Sputnik into space, starting a heated between the USSR and USA to control the skies
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  • JFK sworn into office

    JFK sworn into office
    JFK sworn in as the 35th President of the United States
  • I have a dream speech

    I have a dream speech
    Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the most well known speech in American History to over 200,000 by civil-rights marchers
  • JFK assassination

    JFK assassination
    President Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in downtown Dallas, Texas.
  • Fashion in 1965

    Fashion in 1965
    Women: Wore crochet dresses and retro-styles.
    Men: Trouser suits became popular, as well as high waisted pants and mustard yellow clothing.
  • One small step for man...

    One small step for man...
    Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the Moon, most watched event in history at that point in time.
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  • Paris Peace Treaty

    Paris Peace Treaty
    U.S. and South Vietnam agree to end fighting, officially ending American involvement in that region
  • Nixon resignation

    Nixon resignation
    Before being impeached, President Nixon resigns due to involvement in Watergate scandel.
  • Fashion 1975

    Fashion 1975
    Women: Popular trends were layering, denim, khaki, jumpsuits, and parachute pants
    Men: European tailoring was all the rage in the 70's for men
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  • MTV launched

    MTV launched
    Launched with the words, "Ladies and Gentlemen, rock & roll".
  • Fashion 1985

    Fashion 1985
    Women: Wore wide-ranged and colorful outfits. Long wool coats, long flared skirts and aerobic styles.
    Men: The mullet made an impact as well as boat shoes and more colorful suits
  • Berlin wall falls

    Berlin wall falls
    The wall that seperated East and West Berlin since 1961 came crashing down, signifying an end to communism in the area.
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  • CNN covers Gulf War

    CNN covers Gulf War
    24-hour cable news coverage became a new style of news as CNN covered the Gulf War.
  • Fashion 1995

    Fashion 1995
    Women: Styles ranged from colorful to grungy, women commonly "cross-shopped" by purchasing pieces in upsclae shops and wearing with less expensive pieces.
    Men: Took full advantage of "casual Fridays" with comfortable styles and the always stylish shell necklaces.
  • OJ Simpson trial

    OJ Simpson trial
    On this date OJ Simpson was found not guilty in what was deemed the trial of the century.
  • Columbine massacre

    Columbine massacre
    Armed with assault rifles and car bombs, two students laid seige on their Colorado high school killing 13 people and then killing themselves.