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8th Grade US History

  • 1477

    Slashing And Dagging

    Slashing And Dagging
    Slashing and dagging was a method of fashion used to distinguish and beautify garments. Dagging was when you cut a series of patterns in the edges of fabric. Slashing made small cuts on the outside of the fabric to reveal the inside pattern and color.
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  • 1492

    Columbus Exchange

    Columbus Exchange
    Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World in 1842, with him he brought disease, horses, and sugar plant. However, the New World also gave "gifts" to the old world such as tobacco chocolate and potatoes. This was called the Columbian Exchange because the old and new worlds impacted each others' environments.
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  • Wardrobes Stored In Chests

    Wardrobes Stored In Chests
    Closets did not exist so people kept their clothes in chests in the parlor. This was a very helpful idea that kept clothes safe from stains and other things that could ruin them while they were not being worn.
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  • Pink Fashion

    Pink Fashion
    In the 1700s pastel colors were all the rage. One lady named Madame de Pompadour was a fashion icon who wore only pink. She set a trend and for a while pink was the color to wear, later on boys and girls stared wearing pink breaking the color stereotypes. However, the time when pink was most popular was in the Georgian era with Madame de Pompadour.
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  • 7 Years War

    7 Years War
    The war between the colonists and the French about the Ohio river valley land. The colonists won the war and the French gave up their land in America.
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  • High Waisted Dresses

    High Waisted Dresses
    High waisted dresses were created in 1790 and have stayed in fashion ever since. This creation created a good look for many people and was very popular and inspired many other high waisted clothes.
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  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    When most people think of the cotton gin they think about how it effected the slavery and economy of America in the 1700s. However, the cotton gin impacted the fashion world greatly because it provided a fast way to have material to make clothes efficiently.
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  • Trail Of Tears

    Trail Of Tears
    As part of the Indian Removal Act the Cherokee native Americans were marched to Oklahoma from the Mississippi River on the Trail Of Tears. The citizens of America moved into their old land while they were confined to Oklahoma only.
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  • Oregon Trail

    Oregon Trail
    The Oregon Trail ran from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon. It was used by thousands of American pioneers to emigrate west. Though it was very helpful it was a risky route because there were natives, rough terrain, and bad weather.
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  • Invention Of The Mini Ball

    Invention Of The Mini Ball
    A bullet called the Mini Ball was a major invention for the Civil war because they were easy to load and caused a lot of damage. It was accurate over long ranges and was shaped like a cylinder.
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  • Underground Railroad

    Underground Railroad
    A route that was used to help slaves escape from the south. There were conductors who led the slaves to different "stations" or houses where they could rest. This route led all over the south up to the north.
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  • Levi's Founding

    Levi's Founding
    Levi's is a jean company that people around the world wear. Levis invented the blue jean and made it a popular trend today. Even though Levi's is an old company it still sets and keeps up with new trends. Vintage jeans from this company are very tricky to size for yourself because they were based on men jeans, however other style jeans from Levi are well fit.
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  • Election Of 1860

    Election Of 1860
    In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was running for president. His campaign stated he wanted to hold the spread of slavery only, not abolish it. He won with only 42% percent of the votes. Some slave states did not even put him on the ballet.
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  • Civil War First Shots

    Civil War First Shots
    At fort Sumter in 1861 the first shots of the Civil War were fired. This was important because tensions had been increasing drastically until they were too high to work out politically. People felt the only solution to the problem of slavery was war. Fort Sumter was first battle of the war.
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  • Abraham Lincoln Assassination

    Abraham Lincoln Assassination
    Abraham Lincoln was the president that abolished slavery in all union seceded states, this meant many confederates hated him. This led John Booth, an actor and confederate sympathizer to kill Lincoln at Ford's theater in Washington, DC. Booth shot Lincoln at 10:15, but was caught and killed by firing squad about a week after he assassinated Lincoln.
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  • Coco Chanel Birth

    Coco Chanel Birth
    She was a great fashion designer that sparked new phase of fashion for women. She was an inspiration to many designers today. She makes perfumes and clothes.
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  • Vogue Creation

    Vogue Creation
    Vogue is a very well known fashion magazine. It started out as a weekly magazine but later turned monthly. It brings the newest trends and statement outfits into one magazine. It is read throughout many different countries and is one of the most acclaimed magazines in the world.
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  • Start Of Fashion Shows

    Start Of Fashion Shows
    Before fashion shows the way to promote your clothing line was to ask celbrities to wear your clothes to the racetrack for horse shows. Then the fashion show was fabricated. Fashion shows became very popular and the most elite of society would attend them to learn the new trends and designs.
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  • Franz Ferdinand Assassination

    Franz Ferdinand Assassination
    Franz Ferdinand was the archduke of Austria. When he was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist, war struck between Serbia and Austria-hungary. Both countries' allies rushed to join the war and assist their sides. This was the beginning of the first world war.
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  • Archduke Assassination

    Archduke Assassination
    When the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated the country split and went to war. Both their allied rushed to assist them in their war which was the start of World War One.
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  • Ralph Lauren Birth

    Ralph Lauren Birth
    Ralph Lauren is a very famous designer who started his career working for other fashion companies. Then he started building his international fashion empire by designing new trendy clothes for women and men. Now he is one of the most celebrated designers in the world.
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  • Hitler Invades Poland

    Hitler Invades Poland
    Hitler had been building a nazi army for a while before World War two but when he invaded Poland with it world war two officially began. Hitler had made a move and sent out the message that he had a powerful army and was going to fight to take over the world. This scared many countries and they rallied together to make alliances against Hitler though some rushed to help him.
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  • Bombing Of Hiroshima and Nagaski

    Bombing Of Hiroshima and Nagaski
    When it became clear that Japan would never surrender America had to go to drastic measures. They had been working on the atomic bomb and made the fatal decision to drop two on Japan. This killed many people and caused Japan to surrender.
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  • Berlin Wall Creation

    Berlin Wall Creation
    To keep the citizens of west Berlin in the Soviet Union put up the Berlin wall. This stopped all movement from one side of Berlin to the other and imprisoned the western side. The eastern side had freedom of speech and rights but the eastern side did not.
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  • Audrey Hepburn's Little Black Dress Look

    Audrey Hepburn's Little Black Dress Look
    Many people believe that the little black dress look was mainly inspired by Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's". She wore a simple Givenchy column gown, 3-strand pearl necklace, large tortoiseshell sunglasses, a sleek updo, and of course diamond earrings. The movie was a huge hit and it was the start of the little black dress trend.
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  • Tet Attack On South Vietnam

    Tet Attack On South Vietnam
    Tet is a Vietnamese New Year holiday which is massively celebrated. During the Vietnam war the north Vietnamese used this day as a cover and attacked major cities of south Vietnam. The US and south Vietnamese had to fight hard for weeks to gain back the cities under attack.
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  • First Paris Fashion Week

    First Paris Fashion Week
    A week in Paris where all major designers can debut their lines. Many reporters and photographers are at this major fashion event to document the beginnings of many fashion trends and inspirations. There are many fashion shows and great parties throughout the week.
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  • DACA

    Brings renewed pressure to protect young immigrants that might be deported. People who support it believe that illegal immigrants that are in the US should not be deported.
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  • Met Gala Style

    Met Gala Style
    Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Arts holds a gala for the most elite celebrities in the world. This years theme was Fashion and Catholic Imagination. Many celebrities dressed in elaborate dresses designed especially for them by the most highly acclaimed designers. This event was named one of the best galas of the century because of the amazing dresses worn.
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