dresses in the 1800's

  • Lovely gown

    Lovely gown
    Girly gown worn by young girls in the early year of 1815. This gown is typical of the new style with its high waist, narrower skirt, and simpler lines. Young girls often wore the same style of gowns as their mothers. Dresses in the early 1800's were simple and cute.
  • Beautiful wedding dress

    Beautiful wedding dress
    Stunning silk wedding dress worn by women in the 1840's. This dress contains panier support structure, woman wore around their waist to make their dresses spread out flat and wide. A very wealthy lady would be one too wide to walk through her own doors.
  • Stunning red dress

    Stunning red dress
    Red velvet dress! Very classy and so expensive! Worn by royalty to special occasions. The cage crinoline, rings of steel attached together with string, help distribute the immense weight of the ever expanding gowns around the wearer’s waist. They also allowed a woman to move her legs more freely without getting tangled underskirts.
  • Evening dress

    Evening dress
    Bow silk striped pretty pink dress! Worn by all girls. Evening dresses like this one were mostly the most fanciest of all dresses. This new elegant style draped the figure with a flattering high Empire style waistline. The fashions of the mid 1800s were not only elegant and pleasing to the eye, but were very unique! This dress uses a whole bunch of expensive material and fabric!
  • Court representation dress

    Court representation dress
    Very professional and classy! Worn by women in the 1850's and so on..... This dress is very eye catching and very comfortable compare to some others. This dress has a draped design and has fringe under the skirt to allow it to pop out a bit at the bottom! At the back of the dress is a train. The longer the train the wealthier you were. Servants would then follow carrying the train as the women would walk.
  • Silky Dress

    Silky Dress
    Violet silky fancy dress! Machine embroded net! Stunning trimmed and silk fringe. The corset underneath is made of fish bone which gives the dress a wide look and it brings out the dress! The purple colour is very nice and unique and the fringe at the bottem of the sleeves give it a classier look!
  • House owner dress

    House owner dress
    Black and represents royalty and worthiness. The bustle corset kept the top half of the body appropriately squeezed but the bitten part made the women's butt look extremely big!
  • Date night dress

    Date night dress
    Very pretty and simple!! Patterning is nice and comfortable silky fabric
  • Women's evening dress

    Women's evening dress
    Older women's evening dress! Very classy! Worn by rich women in the 1860's. Very long and eye catching train which makes the dress!
  • White kimono dress

    White kimono dress
    Very uncomfortable but stunning and full of colour! This dress was very heavy and full! The full bustle and corseted waist were the height of the fashion. The amount of colourful designs on top of the creamy colour base is very pretty. The bustle is huge, this women's butt definitely looked huge!
  • Ball dress

    Ball dress
    Ball dress in grey silk trimmed with hand embroideries and lace. Most dresses back then were designed with bows in the back and some dresses would fall out from the back.... Shorter in the front to long in the back. Sleeves were puffy and stuffed with fringe and silk.
  • Feathery evening dress

    Feathery evening dress
    Very dressy and beautiful! Light blue and classy! So nice and very fancy. This dress was usually work by teens or young ladies. Waist corset was worn and a very nice train with lovely feathery material! The train is long and has a bow at the top to top it off!
  • Sporting event dresses

    Sporting event dresses
    Striped navy blue and beigh with and bergandy collar! Very popular pattern! This dress was very uncomfortable even if worn to watch a sports event! However the collar is a great addition to the stripes! The long sleeves and suit like material gives the women in it the look of power and strength! Dresses like this one were usually worn by older women around 50 years of age. This women's butt looks huge because of the bottem bustle! The waist is tiny because of the waist corset! How tight!
  • Reception gown

    Reception gown
    Very classy and proper! White and black are two very strong colours! This dress represents strength. This dress was worn by royalty and has such s nice design! This dress was usually worn by older women around the age of 50.
  • May wedding dress

    May wedding dress
    Very classy, unique and fancy! The collar is white and lacy, it is very high and chokes the neck! The train is long and very beautiful. The fabric is silk and has a shine and glimmer to it!
  • Bustled gown

    Bustled gown
    Floral and cute! Very classy and colourful. This dress is very classy and is catered to teens but anybody could pull this off! It is very long and usually is worn to special fancy events! The train is stunning andis really eye catching! The huge bow in the back is so pretty and goes together with the gown very well! I love how the train isn't that long but you can still tell it's there! The cut at the top is low and the collar fabric is very pretty! The flower on the collar makes the dress.
  • Velvet dress

    Velvet dress
    Very fancy and simple! Made from velvet, silk trimmed pattern. The colour of this dress is very nice and royal! It is a very classy dress and looks good on everyone however was catered to older women.