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fashion in history

  • Jan 1, 1300

    third class ancient fashion

    third class ancient fashion
    People of third class wore the first and simple clothing on the world. Clothing was mostly made in home by mothers, daugthers, and slaves (feamales). Garments included simple tunics and warm cloaks, made of linen or wool. They where often dyed bright colors, but daned white garments were also worn.
  • Jan 23, 1320

    warriors ancient fashion

    warriors ancient fashion
    Warriors used boots made of bear, t-shirts made of skin of fish, some tunics made of animals with too much fur, and a hat made too of fur uf bear. They could know who was each one because of their weapons every warrior had a different one but all made by the same pearson.
  • Jan 23, 1328

    second class ancient fashion

    second class ancient fashion
    People of second class started having better clothing but it wasn't a big difference it was made buy the same people but with different desings. when this clothes started changing people started making differences of different types of classes
  • Jan 1, 1360

    first class ancient fashion

    first class ancient fashion
    First class got the best cloting in their epoch and it wasn't just the beautiful dresses, accesories, bags, and all clothing you can imagine!! They thought they were the best ones just because they wore the more beautiful and splendid clothes ever made, they just didn't know who made them or what happened to them before they buy them, they just think in their selves.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    dressing in middle ages

    dressing in middle ages
    during the early middal ages (476-10000), clothing tended to be simple and somber for nearly everyone. and this trend continued for peasants for thr whole period. the cut of the clothing was derived from that anciet rome, with tunics predominating,thoughin northen areas people wore breeches,possibly covering the feet in addition to the legs
  • Jan 1, 1500

    clasifyng clothes in middle ages

    clasifyng clothes in middle ages
    in the middle ages clothing was integal to identify one's place in the world . medieval people were highly skilled at reading the meaning of fashion , wich is reflected thoughout the painted pages of illuminated manuscript.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    middle ages fashion

    middle ages fashion
    the social stratum to which every individual like that concernd it were his apparels and way of dressing. the fashion of the imperial rome little by little was replaced with oter apparels .togas and tonics changed for fabrics of points and mesh,typicalof this new stage known as middle ages , whichbegins in the year 476. the barbians , for their part contribued to this new ward robe the costum of the use of pants that were covering the legs , articles similar to trousers
  • Jan 1, 1500

    materials used to make cloth in middle ages

    materials used to make cloth in middle ages
    wool was the most common material for commoners and nobles alike, particulary in england, which had thriving wool industry even in the anglo - saxon times. cloaks,gowns,jerkins,tunics, stockings, could all be made of wool. leather was important for belts, shoes, armor, and gloves, but also served for jerkins, leggings and cloacks. furs were also used for cloacks or as a nice accent for clothing. linen and cambric was a nice little did not itch like wool and as cooler in the summer.
  • renaissance fashion

    renaissance fashion
    in the renaissance you dress depending your social posittion high class wore charged and puffy dresses low class wore simple straight dresses
  • upper class fashion men

    upper class fashion men
    men in the renaissance wore four pieces of clothing the camica was made of silk or soft fine linears over the camica was the doublet,which was a jacket . the next piece is the hose the hose was attached to the doublet like a broch the last piece is the jacket the shoes were long and elegant
  • down class fashion men

    down class fashion men
    low class men wore a camica made of heavy coarse linen the doublet
    was wore alone they had a simple pair of pants the shoes were pointed and long and slipery
  • fashion upper class women

    fashion upper class women
    the high class women wore dresses, were worn in ehtier one or two pieces,there were many diferent varyations trhey needed to use an under dress very decoraded they use heels whit the shape of a bed's courtains
  • fashion down class women

    fashion down class women
    dow class women used simple dresses whit few decorations and simple shoes
  • high class hair styles

    high class hair styles
    hihg class hair were big puffy and super decorated they could spend even 1 hour doing the hairstyle
  • low class hair style

    low class hair style
    low class hairstyles here simple and they wore a thing in the hair depending the ocasion
  • The first haute couture fashion house

    The first haute couture fashion house
    an english man call charles worth establish the first haute couture fashion house in Paris.
  • modern fashion house

    modern fashion house
    paul poiret establis the fashion house.
  • modern times fashion

    modern times fashion
    the modern fashion start in the canadian retail market,having a lot of popularity.
  • modern fashion establish

    modern fashion establish
    fashion establish operations in middle east and whole sale in U.S
  • how they dress in modern fashion

    how they dress in modern fashion
    on 2000 the people start to dress with jeans , t -shirts , skrits , heels , dress , shutter - shades , sneakers and hoodies until now.
    but the style change like now the style is something twised and odd.
  • the fashion programs

    the fashion programs
    in 2004 some new fashion programs like poject runway ,the Peabody ,etc establish on T.V and now there are so famous.