The History of a Fashion Designer

  • The Sewing Machine

    The Sewing Machine
    The sewing machine was created in 1830 by a French tailor named Barthelemy Thimonnier. Thimonnier's machine used only one thread and a hooked needle that made the same chain stitch used with embroidery. This invention is very benificial and we use this tool in to day time. link text
  • The Origin of Fashion Designing

    The Origin of Fashion Designing
    Fashion design began in 1858(19th century) when Charles Fredrick Worth was the first person to leave his label sewn in the garments he made. It was also invented in Paris, text
  • The S-Bend Corset

    The S-Bend Corset
    The S-Bend Corset is a popular piece of fashion that was used in the 1900 that gave women an hourglass figure.It is very similar to a girdle. It was used to push your hips backwards and the chest text
  • Three Piece Lounge Suit

    Three Piece Lounge Suit
    The three piece lounge suit became popular in the early 1900s. It was usually worn with a bowler hat or cloth cap. This consists of a jacket,shirt,and vest. The men that usually wore this usually starched the collar of their text
  • Women Fashion in the 1920s

    Women Fashion in the 1920s
    In the 1920s it was very common to see women wear high-waisted and barrel shaped outfits. They wore a variety of jewelry when they dressed in thin manor. I was common to see them wear long stringed pearl earrings and large brooches. link text
  • Men Fashion in 1920s

    Men Fashion in 1920s
    In the 1920s men wore narrow cut lounge suits, with the collar pointed down. Cloth hats were usually worn by the working class men and homburgs were worn by the middle class. link text
  • Women Fashion of the 1930s

    Women Fashion of the 1930s
    Women in the 1930s didn't really have a variety of fashion in the 1930s. Their choices of clothes to wear consisted of a long evening gowns (usually made of satin). They also wore dresses that had low scooping backs. During the day they wore a wool suit with shoulder pads. Combined with a fluted knee-length skirt. link text
  • Effects of the war in 1940

    Effects of the war in 1940
    During this time WWII was in full effect and there were fabric shortages. As a result of this women clothes use as minimum of fabric as they could. Men usually wore uniforms around this time period. Men civilians usually wore lounge suits. link text
  • Women Fashion of 1950s

    Women Fashion of 1950s
    The women mostly wore very full skirts, cinched waists and sloping shoulders. During the day women usually consisted of skirts and jackets or day dresses in tweeds and woolens. There was still somewhat of a fabric shortage but women could still use more fabric. link text
  • Women Fashion in the 1960s

    Women Fashion in the 1960s
    Around this time fashion was focused on young people. This is the time period when mini skirts were introduced. Women wore pale foundation and emphasised their eyes with kohl, mascara and false eyelashes.Their hair was long and straight or either wore in a bob. link text
  • Men Fashion in the 1960s

    Men Fashion in the 1960s
    There was a dramatic change in the way men dressed in this era Before men only wore tailor made plain color suits, but now it was all about color. They wore collarless jackets with slim-fitting trousers and boots. And in the mid-1960s they wore vividly colored shirts. link text
  • Fashion of the 1980s

    Fashion of the 1980s
    In the 1960s color was introduce but in the 1980s the colors were exaggerated. Brig neon colors was worn. With these bright colors also came with tight clothing such as leg warmers. The hairstyle was a complete change to because people started wearing mullets. link text
  • Men Fashion of the 1990s

    Men Fashion of the 1990s
    This is the era of "Saggy and Baggy". Around this time men like to were their cloths baggy and loose. Around this time brans such as Phat Pharm, Enyce, Rockawear, ETC. There were other styles too such as wearing leather and jean jackers. Shirts were often tucked in. African americans usually a hightop fade for haircuts. A popular haircut caucasian males usually wore was "The Front Curtain". link text
  • Fashion of the 2000s

    Fashion of the 2000s
    Around this era people mainly wore sweatsuits and tank tops. The style from the 90s with the "Saggy and Baggy" had continued to the early 2000s. The women usually wore short skirts,tank tops, and sweatsuits. People still wore the brands Phat Pharm, Rockawear, Enyce And ETC. Many styles that were popular in the 90s carried over into the early 2000s. link text
  • The Current Evolvement of Fashion

    The Current Evolvement of Fashion
    This is the current time period were there is a variety of clothes being worn by men and women. Back the it was "Saggy and Baggy", but now we wear skinny jeans. Most skinny jeans have rips or holes in them. Most women wear skinny jeans,leggings, or most likely they wear some type of dress. Designer clothes has started to make big impact on the fashion of this era. Some popular brands are Gucci, Supreme,Etc. link text