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The History of Occupy Wall Street (Intro to Journalism feature)

  • The Birth of a Movement

    The Birth of a Movement
    Adbusters, a Vancouver based non-profit organization proposes an occupation of Wall Street in protest of growing economic disparity. Drawing inspiration from the Arab Spring which occured earlier this year, specifically the occupation of Tahrir Square in Egypt, Adbusters proposes a similar occupation on Sept 17th to members on its listserv. Original Post
  • The Movement Goes Viral

    The Movement Goes Viral
    Adbusters releases its second post, announcing the spread of the movement to other cities around the United States as well as around the world for planned occupations on September 17. Adbusters once again draws inspiration from the occupation of Tahrir Square in Egypt during the Arab Spring. Original Post
  • New York General Assembly Call for Action

    The New York General Assembly announces a public meeting in order to organize for the September 17th occupation. Original Post
    Occupy Wall St Announcement
  • New York General Assembly Meets

  • NY General Assembly 2nd Meeting

    The NY General Assembly calls for a 2nd meeting and releases a guide on collective decision making. Original Post
    Group Dynamics Guide
  • Anonymous Joins the Movement

    Anonymous Joins the Movement
    Hacktivist organization Anonymous announces its support of the #occupywallstreet movement via Twitter and releases a video manifesto calling for others to spread awareness of the movement.
    Anonymous Video Manifesto
    Adbuster's Anonymous Announcement
    Original Post
  • The Reasons

    The Reasons
    Adbusters releases a third message to members on its listserv. Citing the current economic state as a catalyst for action, they call for a coherent set of demands and to establish a fundamental set of principles for their protest inspired by the Arab Spring earlier this year. Original Post
  • NY General Assembly

  • The Movement Spreads

    The Movement Spreads
    Spain based organization, Economics Working Group of SOL declares its support for #occupywallstreet and plans an occupation of the Madrid Stock Exchange in solidarity with the NY movement. It also annouces offshoot occupations in cities around the United States, Europe and Asia. Original Post
    <a href='http://madrid.tomalaplaza.net/2011/08/13/el-grupo-de-tr
  • Worldwide Occupation

    takethesquare.net, releases an official list of cities involved their respective occupations for Sept 17th. takethesquare.net List
  • NY General Assembly: Logistics

    The NYGA calls for donations of food and water for the planned occupation as well as calling for volunteers to join the Food committee. Links to their estimations for food and other necessities. Original Post
  • The Online Movement

    The Online Movement
    Tumblr blog created as the movement spreads online through various social media drawing inspiration from the use of websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The slogan, "We are the 99%" is adopted by the movement. We Are the 99% Tumblr
  • NY General Assembly 3rd Meeting

    The New York General Assembly assembles for its third meeting at Tompkins Square Park. Original Post
  • A Growing Force

    A Growing Force
    Adbusters releases another announcement calling for the continued spread of the movement as well as confirming occupations in Milan, Madrid, Valencia, London, Lisbon, Athens and San Francisco. They continue to stress non-violence as a central tenet of the movement. Original Post
  • An Exercise in Free Speech

    In a trial run of the occupation on the 17th, a small group of protestors occupied a portion of sidewalk in the financial district. The police arrived shortly after and arrested 9 of the protestors. Video of the Protest and Arrest
    Original Post
  • Preparation

    occupywallst.org releases a detailed pamphelt of resources for the occupation on the 17th. The list includes an itinerary of events as well as phone numbers, contact information for various legal organizations, legal rights of protestors, as well as fliers and literature for the event. Original Post Occupy Wall Street Orientation Guide
  • Occupation

    The occupation of Wall Street begins, 5,000 protestors march through the streets of the Financial District and march from Bowling Green Park to 1 Chase Plaza. After being blocked by the police, the protestors convened a general assembly, created a general statement and took up residence in the privately owned Zuccotti Park. NYGA OWS Statement
  • The Communiqués

    Occupy Wall Street releases the first of three communiqués detailing the early efforts of the occupation. They cite the heavy presence of police and growing support for the movement including donations. The Second Communiqué
    <a href='http://www.nycga.net/2011/09/19/general-assembly-minutes-919-10pm/' >NYGA T