The History and Influences of OT

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  • Moral Treatment

    Moral Treatment
    During this time frame an awakening of social consciousness began.
  • The National Society for the Promotion of OT

    The National Society for the Promotion of OT
    This group had the mindset of moral treatment which was evident in their practice and writings. Society Members: George Barton, William Dunton, Eleanor Clarke Slagle, Susan Cox Johnson, Thomas Kinder, and Isabel Newton.
  • The AOTA

    The AOTA
    The NSPOT changed its name to the American Occupational Therapy Association.
  • First Set of Standards for OT

    First Set of Standards for OT
    The Minimum Standards for Courses of Training in Occupational Therapy was revised twice in this timespan - adding more training.
  • Influences of WWI and Post-WWI

    Influences of WWI and Post-WWI
    This was the first time OT treatment was used for reasons besides mental illness. Also, led to a science based approach to the OT profession.
  • Rehabilitation Movement

    Rehabilitation Movement
    As of a result of both the World Wars, many jobs, training programs, and schools were created during this movement (1942-1960).
  • OTA, YAY!!!

    OTA, YAY!!!
    OTAs began working in psychiatric settings in response to the shortage of Occupational Therapists.
  • Then came the...LAWS!

    Then came the...LAWS!
    A series of acts were passed beginning in the 1970's and spanned throughout to protect individuals with disabilities.