The History Of Mobile Phones (sorry if it is boring) XD

  • The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

    Advanced Mobile Phone System. This is the mobile phone of 1983 and the first one that is actually successful.
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    The History of Mobile Phones

    This is the history of mobile phones. I'm afraid I don't know what the exact dates are of the mobile phones, so I just made it on my birthday, k?
  • The Motorola MicroTAC 9800X

    The first truly portable phone. Up until its release, most cellular phones were installed as car phones due to the inability to fit them in a pocket (so it couldn’t be called a mobile phone until now).
  • The Motorola International 3200

    The first digital hand size mobile telephone (thank God there is finally one that I can hold).
  • The Benefon ESC!

    This phone that has an exclamation mark at the end of its name is actually half GPS and was sold mostly in Europe (probably because Europeans always get lost). I’m not racist. XD
  • The Nokia 3210

    The internal antenna and T9 text messaging sold approximately 160 million of these phones. Amazing. O.O
  • The Samsung SPH-M100 Uproar

    I have no idea they named it Uproar, but who cares? The Uproar was the first cell phone to have MP3 music capabilities.
  • The Ericsson R380

    The R380 has a black and white touchscreen, partially covered by a flip. I do not understand the tastes of old people. I prefer the MP3 phone much more. It looks much nicer than this one which looks like an old-fashioned radio. :P
  • The Ericsson R320

    This is one of the first phones with a WAP browser. A version of this phone was released in China that allowed Chinese character SMS. FINALLY something that Chinese people can actually USE. :D
  • The Ericsson T39

    This is the first bluetooth capable phone, which is weird, considering its probably smaller than a deflated balloon. It IS a deflated ballon. :)
  • The iPhone

    The date doesn't really matter anymore, since new ones are coming out like, what, twice a year? It came out somewhere between 2009-2010. You can play games, its touchscreen, its quick, its handy, has speed dial and stuff, and all those other stuff you can think of. Very high tech and can download songs and apps (I feel like a sales-person now). :(