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The History of Inventions Regarding Earthqukes

  • Early Sesmometer

    Early Sesmometer
    A seismometer is a device which has a weight attached to the bottom of a pen. The pen is allowed to swing freely. When the pen shakes due to an earthquake, it marks lines on paper which is placed below it. The first one was designed by John Milne, James Alfred Ewing and Thomas Gray who worked as a team.
  • Earthquake-Safe Structure Built in Istanbul

    Earthquake-Safe Structure Built in Istanbul
    An earthquake proof airpot was built in istanbul which uses advanced shock absorbers under the bulding which absorbs the impact of the earthquake and prevents the airport from shaking.
  • Chinese Dragon and Frog

    Chinese Dragon and Frog
    In the year 132 A.D. a Chinese inventer invented a device made of bronze that could detect if a earthquake was coming and in which direction. However it could not detect the power of the earthquake. It had dragons with balls in their mouths and toads with their mouths open sitting below. When a earthquake occured one of the dragon's balls would be realeased and would fall in to the toad's mouth.