The history of football

  • Football

    The ball of football was baned in 1892 because it was deadley
  • Feild goal

    They invented it for extra points
  • Cleats

    We have cleats because we need somthing that grips the astro turf
  • Score boaed

    The score board was invented because of the upgrade in technolgy
  • Mouth gaurd

    They invented mouth gaurds so you wouldn't get you're teeth knocked out
  • Football pads

    In 1905 20 players died thats way we have football pads today
  • Helmets

    In 1940 they cam out with the idea of leather helmets
  • Instant replay

    The first test of a replay system was emplayed for the CBU network
  • Radio brodcasts

    Brodcaststing is the ability to send audio from place to place by using radio waves insted of wires
  • Turf

    Monsanto replaced natral grass with turf because of the feel and surface