The History of Electronic Music in America

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  • The Chicago Warehouse

    The Chicago Warehouse
    Robert Williams opened the Chicago Warehouse where many walks of life gathered to enjoy Electronic music. Frankie Knuckles, "The God Father of House Music" gained his fame here
  • The Fall of Disco

    The Fall of Disco
    NY Times ArticleAn anti-disco campaign took place in Chicago which ended the Disco era where a crate of Disco vinyls were setting on fire in between a baseball game. Many artists and fans went underground in Detroit.
  • "Techno" is coined

    "Techno" is coined
    The term "Techno" is first recorded by Juan Atkins
  • American Invasion

    American Invasion
    Large raves started popping up all over London and spread all through out Europe
  • EDC

    Insomniac Events created Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles with 5,000 people in attendance
  • The Grammys

    The Grammys
    The Grammys added the category “Best Electronic/Dance Album”
  • EDC now

    EDC now
    Electric Daisy Carnival WebsiteElectric Daisy Carnival takes place in seven cities with an average of 90,000 people in attendance
  • MTV Gets on the Bandwagon

    EDM Invasion: How the Rave Wave Conquered AmericaMTV published an article “EDM Invasion: How the Rave Wave has conquered America”
  • American Music Awards

    American Music Awards
    American Music Awards added the category Favorite Electronic Dance Music
  • UMF now

    UMF now
    Ultra Music Festival WebsiteUltra Music Festival takes place in eight countries, with over 165,000 people in attendance in Miami and with a six-day event. Tickets sold out within 20 minutes
  • UMF

    Ultra Music Festival was held as a one-day event in Miami