The History of Education

Timeline created by Colbymrsny
  • First Public School

    First Public School
    The first public school was Boston Latin School in Massachusetts.
  • Plessy Vs. Ferguson

    Plessy Vs. Ferguson
    The saying separate but equal comes from this Supreme Court ruling which legalized segregation.
  • Free Public Schools

    Free Public Schools
    All states have laws requiring mandatory school attendance for children through elementary school.
  • School Lunch for Everyone

    School Lunch for Everyone
    National School Lunch Act makes school lunches affordable and available for anyone.
  • Brown Vs. Board of Education

    Brown Vs. Board of Education
    The decision reversed Plessy v Ferguson ruling that separate is not equal, and outlaws segregation. Link text
  • Banning Prayer

    Banning Prayer
    The Supreme Court ruling in Engel v Vitale forbids organized prayer in a public school setting.
  • Federal Funding

    Federal Funding
    The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 gives federal funding to schools for the first time.
  • Title IX

    Title IX
    Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex, but becomes known most for equal treatment and opportunity for girls in school athletics. Link text
  • Lau VS. Nichols

    Lau VS. Nichols
    The Supreme Court expands the rights of students who have limited English skills ruling that they should receive an equal education no matter what.
  • Getting Connected

    Getting Connected
    According to the National Center for Education Statistics all American schools have access to the Internet if they so choose to.