The History of aviation

By Essley
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Leonardo da Vinci sketches Flying Machines

    There is no exact date, but during this year Leonardo da Vinci sketched a parachute, an ornithopter and a helicopter.
  • First Flight

    The Wright Brothers made the first engine powered flight in Kitty Hawk, NC. It lasted for only 59 seconds.
  • First Commerical Airplanes

    Inglis Uppercu began to offer the first commercial passenger flights from Florida to Cuba and later to New York City. This service lasted until 1924.
  • Jet Engines Added to the planes

    The jet engines were invented in 1937,the He S-1 turbojet engine with hydrogen fuel was tested and produced a thrust of 250 pounds at 10,000 rpm. it handled well in acceleration and deceleration.
  • The first turbo jet

    The Boeing 747 was introduced and it was the first jumbojet and made trans-atlantic travel easier.
  • Modern Airbus Introduced

    The airbus is the airbus a380 its burning 20% less fuel per passenger than the airline's 747-400 fleet. Tim Clark claims that the A380 is more fuel economic at Mach 0.86 than at 0.83. and mach 0.86 is 654.632 miles per hour.