The History Of Animation

Timeline created by Sid29
In Film
  • Celluloid

    H.W Goodwin created a celluloid film that could hold pictures out of cheap materials
  • Celluloid Continues

    Thomas Edison used Goodwin's celluloid film and enabled it to play images, moving through with help from film wheels
  • Sound

    Magnetic recording devices, that copied sound through a single wire, became popular and was used to accompany early videos
  • Animation Begins

    James Stuart Blackton, the American founder of early film company Vitagraph, drew characters that were photoed and played consecutively to provide an 'illusion' that everything was moving
  • Fantasmagorie

    Emile Cohl created a movie called Fantasmagorie that was the first official animated movie, a popular hit in the time
  • Gertie

    Windsor McCay was an American cartoonist reowned for his cartoon strip Little Nemo. He made Gertie the Dinosaur, an animated clip that was generally longer than other's made at the time (around 15 minutes).
  • Disney

    Walt Disney made his first film studio called Laugh-o-Grams, a fail at the time but a common name within society now.
  • Warner Studios

    The disney animated segment Silly Symphonies showcased certain charcaters, now commonly know as the Looney Tunes bunch.
  • Snow White

    Walt Disney didn't give up, producing several short animated films until he produced the first ever full-length animated film, the hit Snow White.
  • Common Characters

    As animation became more popular within society, it gave birth to the renowned characters that we have today such as Tom, Jerry and Mighty Mouse
  • Toy Story

    3 dimensional animation was introduced to the world, Toy Story becoming the first ever 3-D animated film using the technology.