the historie of ict

  • the first computer

  • first 3d movie

  • the first tv

  • first apple macintoch

  • first windows computer

  • first fifa game

    fifa international soccar
  • first playstation

    first ever psp
  • pes football

    first pes game
  • first apple ipod

  • first xbox

  • skype

    when skype was first launched
  • facebook

    when facebookj was first laUNCHED
  • twitter

    when twitter was first launced
  • first iphone

  • omegle

    when omegle was first launched
  • first apple ipad

  • first sky+box

    5.9 million custormers wiyh sky +
  • seethrough playstations and iphones

  • every where will be like irobot

  • differnt buildings and shapes