The Historical Evolution of Guns

  • Jan 15, 1232


    Guns began with the Chinese discovering gunpowder. They started off with just rockets filled with gunpowder and tied to bamboo sticks. They soon recognized the power of the gunpowder alone. 1232
  • Feb 8, 1364

    First Gun Use

    First Gun Use
    The first recorded use of a gun was in 1364 and it was a gun that required the user to light the wick by hand which then ignited the gunpowder that was already loaded into the gun.
  • Aug 5, 1400

    Matchlock Guns

    Matchlock Guns
    The first mechanic guns were made around the late 1300s/ early 1400s. They were known as matchlock guns. Wicks were now attached to a clamp that sprang into gunpowder that was placed in a "flash pan".
  • May 17, 1509

    Wheel Lock Guns

    Wheel Lock Guns
    About a hundred years later, guns were innovated. These guns were called wheel lock guns. Wicks were now replaced the wheel lock that generated a spark for igniting the gunpowder.
  • Percussion Cap Guns

    Percussion Cap Guns
    Percussion-cap guns were a major innovation for guns. Invented by Reverend John Forsyth, these guns no longer used flash pan, a tube lead straight into the gun barrel, the tupe had an exposive cap on it that exploded when struck.
  • Colt Revolver

    Colt Revolver
    These, the colt revolvers, were the first mass-produced, multi-shot, revolving firearms.
  • Borchardt pistol

    Borchardt pistol
    This innovation was a gun that featured a removable, seperate magazin in the grip of the gun.
  • Historical Period Concludes

    Historical Period Concludes
    The first automatic rifle is made and is known as a Winchester. The historical firearms period concludes and now begins the contemporary period.
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