The historical events through my years.

  • Yahooooo

    Yahoo is incorporated, marking the start of the "Dot Com" area of internet investment.
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    Historicasl Events

  • The Olympics D:

    The Olympics D:
    Olympic bombing at Atlantas summer games
  • Black Monday

    Black Monday
    Stock markets crashed around the world
  • Earthquake

    An earthquake measuring 6.1 kills over 5,000 people in Afghan
  • Family Guy

    Family Guy
    The popuilar T.V. show family guy premieres on fox
  • The Joining

    The Joining
    Tuvalu joins the United Nations
  • World Trade Centers

    World Trade Centers
    Nearly 3,000 people died in the World Trade Center attack
  • Solar Eclipse

    Solar Eclipse
    An annular Solar Eclipse occured
  • Iraq

    Iraq war begins with the invasion of Iraq by the U.S.
  • 23 year travel ban

    23 year travel ban
    The U.S. lifts a 23 year travel ban in Libya
  • President Bush

    President Bush
    Bush is ready for his second term, The 43rd President
  • The Hotel Colapses

    The Hotel Colapses
    A Hotel in Meca, Saudi Arabia, collapses, killing 76 pilgrims
  • Suicide Bomber

  • Obama IS elected President of the U.S.

  • The with draw from the Gaza Strip

  • Embessies Closed

    Embessies Closed
    U.S. and the United Kingdom close their embessies in Yemen