The Great Gatsby

  • Seeing Gatsby

    See's Gatsby reaching out towards the green light
  • Tom breaking Myrtle's nose

    Mrytle continuously keeps bringing up Daisy's name to Tom and it keeps bothering him
  • Nick meets Gatsby

    Nick first meets Gatsby in war, then Gatsby invites Nick over to his party and they meet once again during the party.
  • Gatsby asking Nick to invite Daisy for tea

    Gatsby wants Nick to invite Dasiy for tea for he can become close with her as he once was before.
  • The meeting of Gatsby and Daisy

    At first the meeting between them is awkward and after Nick leaves to go outside for a little while; Nick comes back and Daisy and Gatsby are getting to know each other.
  • Gatsby's past

    Nick is finding out the past about Gatsby. Gatsby's real name is Jay Gatz and his parents are actually farmers and they are not dead.
  • Mrytle dying

    Myrtle assumes that Tom is driving the car so she runs out and gets hit by the car and dies
  • Mr. Wilson finding out the that his wife was having a affair

    He found out that his wife was having a affair by finding a expensive dog leash and they do not have a dog.
  • Nick tries to get people to go to Gatsby's funeral

    No one shows up to his funeral that was close to him or that were always at his house for parties