The Great Depression In Australia-Hannah Bah

  • Post World War 1

    Following world war 1 Australia borrowed a lot of money from the london loan market.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

  • Wall Street Crash

    Due to problems finacially with Australia, parts of Europe and America needing money after world war 1 the stock exchange (wall street) crashed because to much money was needed and to many loans were set up
  • Government Spending Cuts

    Government spending was cut as they have to find ways to re-pay loans and intrests. Australia has borrowed so much money from the london loan market.
  • Australian Economy Is Stugling

    After The Stock market crashed in 1938 Australias stock market crashes. The economy was built on exports such as weat wool and dairy. By1931 the price of theses slumped by 50%. This meant that not only australia is stuggling, people are not gaining enough money to buy these exports meaning nobody ids paying for theses exports.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Opens

    The sydney harbour bridge opened and it was seen as a triumph.It created many jobs during the great depression because people had to build it.
  • Un-employement At a High Point

    1/3 of the working population are un-employed .
  • Economy Gradually Starting To Recover